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Rumores has it that TR-8R (R.I.P?) who fought the Traitor Finn could be a Skywalker. Could Luke (And Mara Jade?) have 2 children? Twinns perhaps? Since Leia and Luke are twins it could very well be that Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker got twins as well. George Lucas once said that "Star Wars is an echo, an rhyme and poetry"

So here is my theory:
As we know Rey was left on Jakku (for unknown reasons ) Mara could already have been pregnant with another child. (TR-8R, name unknown). This could happen: As TR-8R and Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) grew up together and close friends as they trained under Luke Skywalkers new Jedi order. As Kylo betrayed Luke he managed to seduce TR to come with him. Together they joined the new order and started apprentice to Supreme leader Snoke. But TR-8R didnt want to be a sith lord, but a Stormtrooper. This could be why Kylo Ren is so mad at Finn (FN-2187) when he confronts him at Starkiller base.

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