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tyler henry

The Big Short.

Starring: Christan Bale, Steve Carel, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt.
Directed by: Adam McKay.

Grade: B

The Big Short is a film about the housing market and how it was built on shotty bonds.

This is a odd film because at some points the film is as interesting and as entertaining as the Wolf of wallstreet and at other points dull and boring. The actual camrea work and cinematography is filmed in this werid zoom in and zoom out; and for some reason there are these odd cameo appearances and they can be great and work or there a distraction to the film as a whole.

Performances are great the stand out is well everybody. I would definitely say Christan Bales performance was my favorite. The film breaks the fourth wall and does It better than something like jersey boys. Overall The Big Short has its ups and down and probably won't crack my top ten favorite films of 2015 even though this better than a fair amount of films this year. Definitely in the top 25.


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