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Another year, another countdown list. Thank you Samuel James Harries for the nomination! With so many trailers, and movies it's hard to pilfer down which ones I find to be the best. I'd like to forewarn those reading that most of these won't conventional choices. Plus, there's a few (actually, a lot of) popular flicks I haven't seen yet, so films like Mad Max Furry Road or Star Wars: The Force Awakens won't be on here, sorry! I at least hope some of my answers will resonate with you readers here. Now, let's get started with the 2015 quick fire challenge!

5. Best Trailer of 2015- Suicide Squad

Admittedly, when I saw the trailer for the first time I thought it was okay. However, when I was on vacation I popped the trailer on and I was mesmerized. It builds into what you expect to be this bombastic moment as Amanda Walker's discussing her plans about the Suicide Squad, but instead of releasing all at once it flourishes throughout the segment. Angelic music plays as we're shown action, the villain's private and darkest moments and the ensuing madness that's going to occur. It's a haunting, but beautiful contrast.

2. Favorite Movie Moment of 2015- Joy Skating in Riley's Mind from Inside Out

While Riley's slumbering Joy replays a memory where Riley's ice skating alone and Joy mimics her movements. The scene lasts for little over a minute, but it's a tremendously gorgeous and heartfelt moment. Michael Giacchino's soft, piano melody and the eloquent animation simultaneously create a lovely, goose-bumps inducing scene. You can sense the deep connection and compassion Joy has for Riley. It almost exactly feels like you're watching a ballet.

3. Favorite Character of 2015- Daisy Domergue from The Hateful Eight

I actually haven't seen the movie, but after I saw the trailer I instantly fell in love with Daisy. Why? She's not your typical damsel in distress. Damsels are either whimpering or they're stoic, but fierce. Daisy's neither. Despite being in a dangerous situation, she's having a ball. There's one scene where she over-dramatically gestures herself being hung and another she's catching snowflakes on her tongue. Daisy's gritty appearance also makes her look like a total badass.

4. Entertainment Person of the Year- Amy Schumer

Everywhere you looked there was Amy Schumer. Whether she was taking a controversial Star Wars themed photo shoot, tripping next to Kanye West and his hobbit wife or bringing the attention of gun laws to the public, she was there. Regardless,if you find her funny or not, you have to admit she's come a long way and deserves her success. The fact she's frank about her thoughts, and doesn't (mostly) apologize for her raunchy sensibilities is admirable. Way to fucking go Amy Schumer!

5. Which Article I Wrote is My Favorite?- Tim Curry's Top 20 Best Roles in Film, TV and Video Games

Let's get one thing straight...I love Tim Curry. Even as a kid I've adored him. His sexy and powerful (singing) voice and versatile acting range. Although, similar to most people I enjoyed his penchant for playing villains the most. After he made a big public appearance since his stroke I decided to write this article in honor of him. Sort of as a thanks for making me laugh, smile, cry and cower in fear for all of those years. I honestly hope he comes by it one day.

Bonus- What am I Looking Forward to Most in 2016?

Pop culture wise, I'm looking forward to the premieres of Kung Fu Panda 3, Zootopia, Finding Dory, Suicide Squad, Deadpool and Moana, just to name a few. Personally, I can't wait to move out to California and try my hands at becoming a screenwriter. Thanks guys and Happy New Year!


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