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So, of course my day was going fine until I got on Facebook. I was going down my timeline like I normally do and that's when I came across a picture explaining to people what is and how to "lucid dream". In my mind after reading it, all I was thinking was "why in the hell do people want to do this?" I went onto Google and read more about it. It was so crazy. I got offline and layed in my bed waiting for my boyfriend to come home (which was in a hour). I began either falling asleep or waking up, I don't to much know what was happening. I was still laying in bed when my room went dark and my body became paralyzed. I saw what looked like two little girls just staring at me and I became so terrified. I tried to move but my body was numb and heavy. Even though I just read about Lucid Dreaming this was definitely not it; but then I remembered I also read upon Sleep Paralysis and that's exactly what the cause was. The walls moved, the little girls started moving and then I saw a shadowy figure moving in on me. I'm still trying to move my body but I just couldn't and the figure was over me. At this moment I'm going to use all my energy to just rolled over out of bed and hit the floor just to wake myself up or something. I've been using all my might for what felt like forever and nothing happened. So at this point I'm just stuck there still unable to move wishing my boyfriend just walk through the door and help me. I finally just decided to try once more to throw myself out of the bed and I did just that. When I was able to wake up I was still in my bed, same spot like I never fell. I look at the time and only fifteen minutes had passed since I layed down but going through the paralysis phase felt like it was going on for hours. Anyways, I felt relieved it was over but now I was terrified that it happened.


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