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This classic film i revisited over the Christmas holiday's, with fond memories. the first time i ever watched this film was in (1976) on BBC-2 station. on a very cold new years eve night. this Oliver Twist (1948) film was one of many adaptations based on Charles Dickens Novel with the same title. because of this film i became a David Lean fan. Yes. the British film director who directed those great epic films, ''the Bridge on the river Kwai'' (1951) '' Lawrence of Arabia" ( 1962) '' Doctor Zhivago'' (1965) ''Ryan's Daughter'' (1970) and many more. However if you're not familiar with the ''Oliver Twist'' story, the plot is Basically about an orphan boy who runs away from a work-house, and meets a pickpocket boy on the streets of London. Oliver joins him and other young boys in Being trained in the art of stealing, by they're Master thief (Fagon) Alec Guinness.

what has always fascinated me about David Lean films, was he nearly uses the same cast members from his previous films. Example. His film ''Great Expectations'' (1946) a run away success. you had ''Alec Guinness' ''Francis l. Sullivan'' ''john mills'' mills had repeated been in several David lean's films. Alec Guinness appeared in most of David Lean's epic films. John Howard Davies who played ''Oliver Twist'' went on further in life, Being a Television producer for the BBC producing comedy shows like ''Monty python flying circus. (1969) and ''the Goodies'' (1970). However most film fans of today's Generation will remember the late sir Alec Guinness for his most remembered role as Character OBI-WAN KANOBI THE JEDI FROM GEORGE LUCAS'ES ''STAR WARS (1977) film.

Memories of my child-hood Christmas Holiday's, at the movies.


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