ByAmidou Nimbona, writer at

There is no denying that George Lucas is the mastermind, the foundation and the base behind the Stars Wars Franchise. From now till God knows when, George Lucas will always be part of the SW but I think what he cemented and planted in fans' lives is what will keep the Franchise's success burning with or without him. The Stars Wars can survive without him due to his geniys effort, he should be happy. I love the guy and I am a huge fan ( I've googled him many times I can't count anymore how many times). I think he should just be proud of the direction the Franchise is taking whether he agrees or not (we all are different from one another so is JJ from George), his (George's) genius will live on whether they make the next episode different or similarly inspired from his original ideas... Fans just want to enjoy the saga. Finally, he should never sell the franchise in the first place and he should start appreciating JJ or whoever will take over in the future. He needs to remain humble and very professional. Heros are like seeds, even after death, people still harvest the fruits of their sweat. George Lucas' genius will live on....It's time to let go and enjoy the settlement.


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