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A highly under-rated show, truly. It has action, suspense, romance and everything in between. Perhaps you've watched it, or maybe you haven't. If you haven't, this is your warning that there will be spoilers so go watch the show and then come back to read. I don't want to upset anyone. Like that, anyway. Cue my evil laugh.

Everyone was busy over Christmas and while that's lovely it also means I missed seeing the teaser trailer for season 3 of one of my favourite TV shows. Now the question is, did YOU miss it? If you did, watch it below. If you've watched the first two seasons I know you're champing at the bit to watch it anyways because HELLO IT'S AN AMAZING SHOW. Otherwise though, this trailer will likely seem erratic. Full of action, but you won't quite know what's going on. So I have a simple solution for you. Watch the first two seasons. Give them a chance. They're all on Netflix after all and how can you resist that? Invite a couple friends for a binge session...and I'm getting off track. Here's the latest trailer:

Done? Basked in the glory? Good. Now I have some theories to share.

1) War as a starting ground for love.

I believe what's going to happen in the third season is war. Now this is nothing new they've been warring since the 100 set foot on the Earth's soil. But what is new here is I think they will be warring amongst themselves. This was hinted towards the end of season 2. Octavia Spencer (Marie Avgeropoulos) had to choose between saving her brother and following her warrior master, who was content to just take back the Grounder captives from the guys in Mt Weather. This trailer expands that idea though. The first several seconds reveal her at the throat of Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Commander of the Grounders and their army. Lexa and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) forged a peace treaty, and feelings, during season 2. They shared a kiss and Clarke immediately balked because she wasn't ready for another relationship. Now with Clarke at Lexa's throat you might think 'there's no bloody way that's happening she's ready to kill Lexa' BUT here's the thing: THE SEXUAL TENSION IN THAT FEW SECONDS IS SO THICK YOU COULD CUT IT WITH A KNIFE!

I believe that what will happen is Clarke, who left the fold of the 100 at the end of season 2, will march into the Grounder's camp, ready to deal with the traitor and instead will end up joining the Grounders.

2) Murder of a Beloved Character

This too is really nothing new if you've been watching the 100, but I also believe this will have an influential twist. There's a pivotal moment in the trailer at 1:44 where someone might think the new guy shoots Octavia but I don't think this is the case. She appears later in the trailer. Who, then, does he shoot? Maybe he shoots Octavia and it just isn't a fatal wound? No that's not what I think. The voiceover states 'Not all grounders are the same.' And then a new voice says 'they are to me'. I believe that the one the new guy shoots is....drum roll please...

Image courtesy of The CW Television Network
Image courtesy of The CW Television Network


A former Grounder, Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) betrayed his people to help Octavia. And he really has been through the ringer in the last two seasons. Everything from becoming a Reaper, to recovering, to becoming a Reaper again. In the trailer, he kisses Octavia but after the gunshot Lincoln doesn't show up again, does he?

This would be unfortunate as he's a very interesting character, but I believe this is probably the case.

3) Tackling Body Issues

Now I am not talking about 'I've gained weight' here. I'm talking about Raven (Lindsey Morgan). Raven LOST HER LEG in the last season. And now, at 1:03, she is saying 'what if I'm just broken.' I believe this is probably struggling with her lack of a leg. They are trying to survive and she is kind of at a disadvantage at the moment. Hopefully she can rise to the challenge and overcome it. But at the moment, she looks very unsure of herself. This also started in the last season if you were watching carefully. She refused the help of the other mechanic because she wanted to do things herself. While that's great, she wasn't doing so well. But Raven isn't the sort to give up, and she's also not the type to accept help so readily. In a post-apocalyptic world that can spell disaster, and it could be worse for Raven than simply having issues with overcoming the loss of a leg.

4) The City of Light

What IS this City of Light that Thelonius (Isaiah Washington) has stumbled upon? Is it aliens come to Earth and enabled to do so by the disaster that sent humans into space? Is it advanced technology by another group of people living on the ground, much like the Mt Weather Mountain Men? Is it past technology projecting (hey it's post-apocalyptic who knows how far along tech was before it happened)?

5) 'In this world, people don't come back.'

'I did.' This is especially intriguing. We now know that Murphy (Richard Harmon) will still play a part in season 3, but how will he be incorporated? He's much of a social outcast. Is he still near the City of Light? And why is he seeing the woman who we saw get blown up in season 2? WHY IS SHE ALIVE? WHAT IS THIS THE FRIGGIN' VAMPIRE DIARIES I THOUGHT CHARACTERS COULDN'T COME BACK?

Ahem. Nothing against the Vampire Diaries, trust me. I just thought a post-apocalyptic world where they are surrounded by death would mean characters would stay dead but really this is honestly good news. Maybe a The 100 writer's been hanging around with his Vampire Diaries pals? I don't know but I'm pleased because let's face it even if you don't like TVD, look how many seasons they have. Would love to see that for The 100.

Season 3 of The 100 premieres on January 21, 2016.


If you haven't watched it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???


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