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So I haven't written in a while but I was just watching episode 8 of the flash were the flash and green arrow meet Vandal Savage for the first time. I got to thinking about who got killed in arrow. Now I don't think its felicity, nor do I want it to be. Can she be annoying at times? Yes, but the olicity love is to strong to end that easily. Out of the theories I have read it is always one of the main characters, felicity, Diggle, Thea, laurel, captain lance. My personal theory, is that it is.....

Olivers son. The one that he just found out about. Hear me out now, if you look at this photo of Oliver at the grave, it looks like the grave is to big to be a kids.

But if you quickly throw it onto photoshop and do a poor job of it you will see that the grave is about half of Oliver's size(6 foot 1). Say, the size of a kid?

Its definitely not big enough to be Felicity that is for sure. Thea, maybe, but she was alive and well in the newest promo. I know this isn't much to go on, but I really think that the CW wouldn't kill Felicity like that. She is to deep into this. I wouldn't be surprised if they brought the kid in to show the softer side of Oliver, and to bring tension in the relationship of him and Felicity, to raise the ratings for the mid season final, so that they would have more to work with when they go for a 5th season. This might just be me, trying to find a way for it not to be Felicity because I am to in love with her to let her go, but still, its a theory I haven't seen before and I wanted to just get it out there. Even if they kill off Felicity, they will bring her back. When it comes to the CW, no one is ever really dead. If you watch Arrow, or the flash, and especially Supernatural, you will know, no one is ever dead. Tell me who you think it is below. Tell me why I'm wrong. Go for it, I don't care at this point, I'm just sit here waiting for January 20th with some tissues and a barrel of cheese balls.


Who do you think is in the grave?


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