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I try my best to make the best fanart I can that everyone can enjoy!
Anon Eversence Mous

Alright, this one took a few days to do. The others took maybe five-ten hours to do each (all on separate days), and I've spread this one out a little bit. Another thing to note is that I had already had the other four pages ready and decided to post them all at one time, while this one hadn't even been begun then. I'll work on the next pages as much as I can. Thanks for being patient with me!

On a side note, I'm considering making a Star Wars comic as well. Perhaps if this comic turns out well, I will. I'm taking requests for speedarts and comics, so if you have anything you want me to do, let me know!

I don't own the song "Banana Phone", the "Pokemon" franchise, or any of the Pokemon included in this. If I did, I'd be rich by now.

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