ByMatt Nance, writer at

The Force Awakens is not only a great Star Wars movie, it's a great movie by its own right. The have been many complaints that TFA is too much like A New Hope, and there are many parallels, however those same comparisons can be made with each of the prequel films, as well. Star Wars is an epic saga, and like the old sagas, the chapters rhyme. Episodes One, Four, and Seven all rhyme to a certain extent. Each has a young main character with great, untapped potential. Each has an elder teacher of sorts that dies. Perhaps the droid army control ship from Episode One isn't as much like the Death Star as the Starkiller Base, but a parallel can be made. Is TFA a lot like Star Wars? Yes, it is, but how is that such a bad thing? It is sufficiently reverent to what has come before, but it's pointed the sequel trilogy towards new and exciting things. George Lucas gave us a fantastic thing when he created Star Wars, and we should and will be forever grateful. But it was always at its best when he allowed others to play in the sandbox. Perhaps it's possible that the new car smell hasn't entirely worn off yet, but I thing TFA holds its own next to any of the original trilogy and better than any of the prequels. Once it wears off, I'd imagine it'll safely place a strong second behind Empire. After all, it's been pointed out that all Jedi had was a bunch of Muppets. All that being said, thank you, George. For creating Star Wars and giving it to us all. And thank you for passing the baton on to a new generation of filmmakers.