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Hello you dinosaur lovers. Most of us are watching the every step of the Jurassic franchise and we are just DYING for some news. Well, I got some news for you if you want a quick catch up.

Chris Pratt will not be the lead in 'Jurassic World 2'

The rumors are true! Chris Pratt will not be the protagonist of the upcoming sequel *gives tissues to all the girls who only watched JW cause of him*. But have no fear! He will still be a main character, he just won't be the one leading the group. So, who will be the lead?

Ms. Claire Dearing, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, is confirmed to be the lead. She will be the one who evolves the most out of the JW characters.

“It’s her [Clare] story that mirrors this changing world. Owen has shit to deal with. The two of them opened Pandora’s Box in Jurassic World and each of them are responsible for different elements of it in different ways.” -Colin Trevorrow

AND we can expect those dingy heels to be thrown out the window!

More reprising roles?

Rumors (and twitter) have it that we can expect some of our old JP characters to be in the new JW2. Also starring as a lead beside Pratt and Howard will be Nick Robinson. *cue in screaming fan girls* they said he will have more acting in this sequel so we can see his character evolve with his aunt. Who knows, maybe the "player" can grow into a fighting combat role alongside Pratt. He has the chops since he will be starring in The 5th Wave as Ben Parrish/Zombie.

As for the other characters, we are all hoping for our favs Allen Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Ian Malcolm. (Any one else hoping for Lex and Tim?) They could definitely help Owen and Claire since they were there since the beginning and dealt with all of Hammond's leftovers. The Jurassic World Twitter account got inspired after seeing some Originals in The Force Awakens:

As for the director, there is still no director. Follow for more Jurassic World news!


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