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Once upon a time in a magical land called the 60's, the Caped Crusader himself was on the small screen every week for families everywhere to gather around and watch. This Batman was campy, goofy, family friendly, and people loved him that way. Before Tim Burton took the helm of a much darker and mature Batman, everyone considered him a campy idol for children everywhere to aspire to. So, what if Tim Burton had never made Batman darker? What if he, and the rest of the DC universe, were still the same campy characters? Well, it's easy to believe that this would eventually turn the DC universe into a modern comedy, with campy fight scenes and a modern comedic flair. So, there would be comedic actors making up The Justice League (the most iconic superheroes/team in the DC universe), so which comedic actors could make up The Justice League as we know it? I think I have a few ideas.

Superman: John Krasinski

John Krasinski is primarily a comedic actor (even though he is doing serious works in 13 Hours), and unlike most comedic actors, he is ripped. He got extremely muscular for his new action role, and could fit into a Superman suit perfectly. He could bring the sarcastic snark he had in The Office to this theoretical Superman, as well as have the iconic body the likes of which Cavill has in the modern character of Superman.

Batman: Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane is handsome, smart, in shape, has a deep voice (plus good voice acting skills, which could be used for him to find his perfect Batman voice), has a dark and mysterious aura about him, and would be perfect to battle wits with Krasinski's sarcastic Superman. Honestly, if this man wasn't a comedian, he would be my top pick for the next Batman. He shows all of the perfect qualities for the character, and would be the best modern comedian for the job. Even while the campy Adam West Batman was taken seriously, I know I wouldn't have a problem believing Seth MacFarlane could intimidate a street criminal, and make sober, serious jokes at the same time.

Wonder Woman: Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings is an advocate for having strong women on screens everywhere, so I would imagine that she would jump at the chance to play even a comedic Wonder Woman. Not only does she look a lot like Gal Gadot in my opinion, but she has the same kind of body type as well. She could kick some serious (and campy) ass as a comedic Wonder Woman, and I think she could use her iconic flirtatious and borderline (for lack of a better word) slutty personality to bring this Wonder Woman to life.

The Flash: Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson is notoriously the resident young person on Saturday Night Live, and in addition to being so young, he's tall and skinny just like The Flash. In addition to his perfect age and body type, if you've ever seen Davidson in a Weekend Update sketch on SNL, then you know that he would be perfect for a comedic Barry Allen. He acts like the cliche young person, and I think that's how a comedic Flash should act too.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan): Chris D'Elia

Chris D'Elia is exploding because of his hit show Undateable, and I think that he has the perfect look for Hal Jordan. Besides that, I think D'Elia could make Hal Jordan into his signature "dumb jerk" type character, and make everyone question how he even got a power ring to choose him. In a modernly comedic Justice League, it's important to have different types of comedic ability in each character, and that includes stupidity. I would definitely imagine Hal Jordan being somewhat of a dumb jock, and I think Chris D'Elia could pull that off.

Green Lantern (John Stewart): Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart would be the perfect comedic John Stewart for one reason and one reason only: He plays the perfect fake tough guy. John Stewart is normally a battle weary war veteran who grew up in a rough neighborhood, but the Kevin Hart version of that would probably be someone who got kicked out of boot camp and grew up in the Suburbs, but still pretends he's tough. Take for instance almost every character Kevin Hart has ever played, most recently in Ride Along. I think that Hart's fake tough guy Green Lantern would be perfect to go along with the rest of The Justice League, and could complement Chris D'Elia's dumb Hal Jordan to a tee.

Aquaman: Ashton Kutcher

Not only does Ashton Kutcher look like the classic Aquaman, but he can pull off a wide array of comedic personalities. He's played the extremely idiotic Michael Kelso on That 70's Show, and the genius billionaire Walden Schmidt on Two and a Half Men (as well as the less comedic role of Steve Jobs). So as you see, Kutcher can play any role you want him to, and I'm fully certain that he could do justice to a comedic Aquaman. Imagine his Aquaman as a surfer dude who somehow gets the girl without even trying, and puts all of the accusations that Aquaman is the worst superhero ever to shame in a different way. I think that this would work perfectly alongside the wide array of comedic styles, and Kutcher is probably the only comedic actor out there who could do Aquaman justice.

Cyborg: Donald Glover

So far in our justice league we have witty humor from Superman, dark anti-jokes and serious humor from Batman, slutty humor from Wonder Woman, the cliche millennial from The Flash, the dumb jerk from Hal Jordan, the fake tough guy from John Stewart, and the surfer dude ladies man from Aquaman, but there's one important thing we don't have yet: nerdy humor. Geeks, nerds, everyone unpopular ever loves comic books and superheroes, so how could you have a comedic Justice League and not have nerdy humor? Cyborg being part robot and all will of course make nerdy math and science jokes, but I believe that he could also make hilarious pop culture references as well. Who better to do that than Donald Glover? This guy makes the geeky kids cool, and he could bring that full force in a would-be project like this.


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