ByJohn Finn Jr, writer at

I don't think the guy who played young adult Annakin did well at all. He was a rotten actor. He was not the only reason the movie was bad, but he was one of the reasons, and Leo would have been better. That does not mean that the movie had been better. The real problem, in my opinion, was that many of the things in Episodes 1, 2 and 3 contradicted in many things that were in the original trilogy. For instance, in Part IV, a New Hope, Ben does not even recognize the droids that he knew from Episodes 1, 2 and 3. Pretty bad memory Ben. C-3-P-0 claims that he was owned by Captain Antilles, who ends up being Lea's dad. How come she didn't recognize the droids ? And how come the adoptive daughter of a Captain whose last name is Antilles become a princess whose last name is Organa ? I thought that having a pre teen named "Annie" fly a vehicle in a race was too much too. I also wish that they had included Lukes childhood and how he grew up with his uncle and aunt and how he met and knew the people that he was friends with, like "Biggs". Jumping from newborn baby to adult in one movie was too quick of a change. They could have at least spent one movie in Luke's childhood. The list goes on.


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