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Alright, here's the last challenge I accept for the year 2015! Thanks creating the Quick Challenge and tagging me, Sam!!

Best trailer of 2015

Share a trailer released in 2015 that made the most impact on you, got you pumped for a movie and made you count down the days until the movie's release.

I have admitted so many times before that I do not watch trailers so... since I have seen too little trailers prior to any movie's release, I can't possibly nominate anything as a the best trailer of 2015. Sorry, editors.

Your Favorite Movie Moment of 2015

Ip Man 3
Ip Man 3
Whether it's an incredible stunt, a great joke or heartbreaking dialogue - which movie moment was your favorite of the year?

My favorite movie moment of 2015, is one of the action scenes in Ip Man 3 which I called it the lift scene. It may not be the fans' favorite stunt but it certainly my favorite. That feeling when the whole thing ended, is strangely satisfying and moving.

If you love martial arts film, this elegant biographical film is certainly a must watch. Do see it once it's released near you!

Your Favorite Character of 2015

Choose a character (preferably one that is new to the big screen) that you loved this year, and tell us why!

I am new to the superhero genre but I loved the siblings, Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver. I think they have cool superpowers and their life story is interesting, I'd certainly see it if there is a feature about their life! (Not that I don't love the other characters, it's just that this challenge preferred those which are new to the big screen and I think they are fairly new compared to the others...)

Entertainment Person of the Year

In the world of entertainment, who is your 'Person of the Year' for 2015?

Another difficult one for me as I am not "well-versed" about the world of entertainment, western or eastern... Maybe, Dwayne Johnson. He is always entertaining, a high-achiever, engaged with plenty of awesome projects and his posts on Instagram are always inspiring!

What Was Your Favorite Article (Created By You) in 2015?

This doesn't have to be the post with the highest reads. Instead, choose the one you are most proud of and share your reasons why!

Obviously, it's the Pokémon Quiz! If it cannot be considered as a legit article, then it's the Age of Ultron's spoilers .... or the Wild Swan's ... Gosh, I know I don't really write legit articles!

BONUS Question: What are you most excited for in 2016?

2016 is just another year that will put every part of me to test. In a more lighthearted note, I guess I am going to try watching movies in theatres around the world!

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