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So going into this movie I have to say, I watched the review of it before going in. And even though I did, It pretty much parred what I was thinking .

Now don't get me wrong. I still hate this movie.

I have made no qualms in expressing my hatred for these guys, and their problems, and how they keep spawning more of their people(YES, I'M TALKING TO YOU MINIONS!!).

But no matter how I hate the Chipmunks I love music, so I am very much conflicted, and since they've never covered any Beiber songs, I'm good, and maybe they can have a place in my guilty pleasures place. But this is not why I'm doing this, it's the movie itself.

Now the Chipmunks, I don't really want to reiterate much but they are a product of the 80's and even the Chippettes are just a gender swap of all three of them.

Now, this movie, plays at some heart strings, as Andre put it, there seemed to be two conflicting ideas in this movie, and a reiteration of the second movie because you know, I wonder how the chipmunks would fit in ordinary lives, doesn't sound familiar right. And obviously, after three movies, Dave finally decides to adopt the little guys, because other then that, they were just his talking, singing pets I mean nothing conspicuous there.

Now here's the part that tugged at my heart strings even with all my shit at them. It seems that Dave has forbidden the Chipmunks to perform, and so they were forgotten, and the Chippettes were getting more and more popular. Even to the point of guest hosting American Idol, yes, American Idol has truly fallen. No wonder it was cancelled.
Anyway, what else can I say, this is a basic road trip movie, with a bully/soon to be brother-ish, and hi jinks ensue!!!.

And you know there's some boring plot about hijacking a proposal, but oh it's not Dave's proposal, whoopsie, and then some obsessed guy that chases them, because of their job. Sheesh, they couldn't even bring back the guy who stuck with them for three movies, their main antagonist that strange bald guy who stole the Chipmunks, and then "found" the Chippettes, and then continued in that vacation movie. But in this one he's nowhere to be found.

And I did find it weird as to why Alvin drugged the squirrels and like I found that to be quite risque too, and like I'm becoming really irked that it's just continuous trouble making, and shit being thrown, literally, like poop jokes and pee jokes. And Red Foo, I'm really sorry bro, you're out dated and that stupid shit Juicy Wiggle is so pointless, that even a pointless detour would be like yo bro, you a whore. And that's funny because literally, there's literally a pointless detour for some corporate advertising of Chuck E. Cheese. And like what the hell right?

So you guys all know the schtick, and only one musical production was alright, because you know, Mardi Gras, and New Orleans and Uptown Funk is awesome, except for the lyrics, I mean yeah I get it like no liquor in the lyrics but keeping white gold(cocaine) in there?

What else is there? Some home alone slap stick with the animals being let loose and everything. And that's about it. And yeah, I think the only way My Name is Earl could be rebooted is through Alvin and the Chipmunks maybe, like Alvin has like a list of things to regain their karmic retributions or whatever.


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