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Three words: What a year! 2015 has been huge and pretty impressive. So many sequels, reboots and prequels, as well as some awesome original movies. 2016 is set to be spectacular too with multiple superhero features such as Captain America Civil War, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and upcoming sequels like Bourne 5, TMNT: Out Of The Shadows and the Ghostbusters reboot!

With every year of film that goes by, there is usually a favourite to be had, as well as some turkeys that you just can't stop talking about...because they're so bad. On this list are my top 10 best and top 10 worst films of 2015, starting with the best first. If you agree or disagree, let me know, comment and let me know what your best and worst of 2015 are!

The Best

10. Legend - Tom Hardy delivers an Oscar-worthy duel performance in this thrilling and at times amusing biopic of the notorious Kray twins.

9. Unfriended - I didn't think I'd enjoy a horror set on Facebook and Skype so much! Genius, innovate, thought provoking and damn scary.

8. Insidious Chapter 3 - Everything a horror fan could ask for, the perfect third entry in the scariest supernatural franchise, Chapter 3 is lead by terrific performances and some heart pounding jump scares.

7. San Andreas - The Rock vs Nature. Blockbusting entertainment at its very best, the CGI is Oscar worthy, the drama is surprisingly heartfelt and the entertainment factor is groundbreaking (sorry)

6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Wow, coming from a non Star Wars fan this was a royal treat and one hell of a cinematic experience. I might even go and see it again.

5. The Final Girls - Please read my full review for this insanely clever horror throwback! One of the most underrated but best films of 2015.

4. Furious 7 - The perfect sendoff for its late star, Furious 7 packs heart, action and thrills galore, I just feel that Fast 8 is unnecessary as this ends superbly.

3. Spy - The funniest film of 2015, Paul Feig is a comedy genius and his cast is sublime. McCarthy, Byrne, Statham, Hart, Janney, Law, Serafinowicz, Cannavale and more deliver some of the biggest laughs of the year.

2. Spectre - Bond is back with a blast! I preferred this to Skyfall surprisingly, the action was huge, the story was really cool especially with all the references, reveals and throwbacks to previous Bond films.

1. Mad Max Fury Road - Find my full review but blimey this film is unlike anything else. The blistering action, gorgeous cinematography, epic soundtrack and superb performances plus so much more, if you've not seen Fury Road then your year of 2015 isn't complete.

Honourable mentions include: Cinderella, Kingsman The Secret Service, Jurassic World, Terminator Genisys, Ant-Man and Trainwreck. Please find my full reviews of all these good movies!

The Worst

10. Seventh Son - Again, another cast filled with talent that goes to waste in a bad CGI crap-fest that serves as a lowlight for all its stars.

9. Hot Pursuit - Two immensely likeable and talented stars lead this painfully forceful comedy that neither has the heat nor action to entertain.

8. Jupiter Ascending - Not without its moment of unintentional hilarity (thank you Eddie Redmayne) The Wachowskis once again deliver another flop at the box office and disaster with critics.

7. Fantastic Four - Did anyone ask for this?

6. Pixels - Sandler releases another turkey that boasts a stellar cast and some terrific visuals, all of which are wasted on a messy and unfunny story.

5. Minions - One of the most unfunny films of the year despite stunning animation, this film tests the patience of viewers, proving twenty minutes of the Minions alone is enough.

4. Absolutely Anything - Lacking craft, creativity, laughs and entertainment, this film made me think that absolutely anything else would've been better.

3. The Vatican Tapes - Worst found footage/documentary horror ever? It's up there, this is the most unfocused piece of so called filmmaking I've sat through.

2. Taken 3 - Franchise worst, a mess of bad editing, dull action, characters who are very stupid as well as a lack of involvement, an overly long trifle.

1. Mortdecai - Johnny Depp's worst. Find my scathing review.

Dis-honourable mentions include: Southpaw, The Human Centipede 3, American Ultra, The Water Diviner and Z For Zachariah. Please find my full reviews for the majority of these bad films.


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