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The Eight Best Cartoon Inventors

Inventors are truly something. Every week, coming out with a kooky invention for the other characters to abuse usually to the invention's destruction. Or maybe we're just thinking cartoons. Either way, the animated format has hosted a looney myriad of inventors that I'd be more than happy to list off the eight best of.

8. Professor John Frink - The Simpsons

Trifling and stumbling at a consistent rate through his scientific vocabulary, with the occasional random word shouting, this Jerry Lewis inspired inventor is an absolute classic, that we couldn't bare not to use.

BEST INVENTION: AT-5000 Auto-Dialer

7. Donatello - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The nerdiest of the turtles, yet given enough respect up until the more recent series, Donnie does machines, and he's content doing machines, and he'll always do machines. He was always my favorite.

BEST INVENTION: The Shell Raiser

6. Stanford "Ford" Pines - Gravity Falls

The long lost brother of Grunkle Stanley Pines, and the six fingered author of the journals, Ford also dabbled in inventing. While his partner, Fiddleford McGuckett, was pondered for the list, in the end, Ford had the better invention, some could say his magnum opus:

BEST INVENTION: The Portal to Wierdmageddon

5. Peridot - Steven Universe

As cool and fun as Pearl is, it was proven in a competition that Peridot was better than her, so na na na na boo boo. Peridot, the only Homeworld Gem above water, is an unsure member of the Crystal Gems, that no one feels safe trusting. But who knows, she has bonded with Pearl, Amethyst AND Steven, so maybe she's alright.

BEST INVENTION: Limb Enhancers

4. Stewie Griffin - Family Guy

The most youthful of the Griffin clan, this psychotic baby genius is iconic for his British accent, love for Rupert, and of course, KOOKY INVENTIONS!

Best Invention: Multi-verse Traverser Device

3. Professor Hubert Farnsworth - Futurama

One look at Farnsworth and you can read Frink written all over him. However, Frink is bested by the senile, occasionally whimsical, and funnier Hubert Farnsworth, an old scientist with a relative connection to the main character, a track record of avoiding death, and a mysterious and regretful past. (Psst, this will come back later.)


2. Dexter - Dexter's Laboratory

The classic cartoon inventor by far would have to go to Dexter. Oddly accented, young and secretly genius before Stewie, Dexter's a geniunly funny and timeless character who's hard not to love.


Honorable Mentions

Princess Bonnie Bubblegum - Adventure Time

Susan "Mandark" Astromonov - Dexter's Laboratory

Fiddleford "Old Man" McGuckett - Gravity Falls

Stu Pickles, Rugrats

1. Rick Sanchez - Rick and Morty

Remember when I told you about Farnsworth and how you should remember what I said? Well, Rick is similar to Farnsworth, but is very different in delivery. Rick is a nihilistic sociopath who invents high tech stuff that could ruin the world in less than a minute, and not care about its outcome. The only people he truly cares for come down to this: his daughter, his grandkids, his revolutionaries and his hive mind girlfriend. Aside from that, he just spends his life inventing stuff. He's invented so many great stuff, from his rocket car, to the butter passer, to his evil detector, to his teenage clone. I could really only choose his most iconic invention as his best. Here's to you, Rick.



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