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I've watched almost every movie Which are worth watching, Except for some classic ones.
Sparsh Bajaj

My 2015 Quick-Fire Challenge:

1. Best Trailer of 2015:

This Can count right? I mean Trailer was released in 2015 and as per challenge we have to post best trailer of 2015 and what could be better than deadpool.

2. My Favorite Movie Moment of 2015

Revenant has amazing and beautiful moments in this movie and the best part whole movie is shot under natural light ( I loved this movie Will be reviewing soon) But the best part was the bear fight. Seriously go watch this movie.

3. My Favorite Character of 2015

My Favorite Character of 2015 was Mark Watney(the Martian played by matt)

4. Entertainment Person of the Year 2015

This Guy (Ryan Reynolds)

5. What Was Your Favorite Article (Created By You) in 2015 ? :

Well I joined new So i only wrote 6 Articles and my favourite was Colony : Behind the walls

BONUS Question: What Movie Are You Most Excited For In 2016?

I can't Choose one - I am waiting for every movie in 2016. I already started saving my money.


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