ByToby Mobias, writer at

Much like Star Trek before it, Star Wars might be able to severely grow and expand beyond anything its creator could have anticipated. The Trek films didn't get good until Gene was, quote, 'kicked upstairs'. Roddenberry then started The Next Generation in order to do 'his vision' for Star Trek since the film producers didn't want it; eventually, however, he was kicked upstairs from TNG as well, and the show got SIGNIFICANTLY better. We wouldn't have had the daring but morally questionable Deep Space Nine or the adventure-driven, thoughtful Voyager without the decision to remove the creator from the driver's seat.

While we all owe George Lucas a huge debt for getting the ball rolling, giving us a solid trilogy of films (and a not so solid trilogy with an almost equally important place in history, as a cautionary tale), I think it's for the best that he is no longer the man in charge of Star Wars.

However, he WAS offered a role as a consultant during the pre-production stages of Force Awakens and left of his own accord, from what I can gather. Therefore, if he really cared about his vision, he would've stuck it through and tried harder to compromise with the new heads.

That said, I think Force Awakens is easily the second best Star Wars episode, following Empire Strikes Back, and I can't imagine it would have been better with Lucas involved.


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