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I was roaming around the MoviePilot Creators' page on Facebook when I came across this really fun idea for an article to take a look back at this past year in movies and I really wanted to take part in it and would encourage anyone who is reading this to do the same.

The challenge is to answer five "quick-fire" questions plus an additional bonus question. They are as follows:

  • Favorite trailer of 2015: Share a trailer released in 2015 that made the most impact on you, got you pumped for a movie and made you count down the days until the movie's release.
  • Favorite Movie Moment of 2015: Whether it's an incredible stunt, a great joke or heartbreaking dialogue - which movie moment was your favorite of the year?
  • Favorite Character of 2015: Choose a character (preferably one that is new to the big screen) that you loved this year, and tell us why!
  • Favorite Entertainment Person of 2015: In the world of entertainment, who is your 'Person of the Year' for 2015?
  • Favorite Article (Created By You) in 2015?: This doesn't have to be the post with the highest reads. Instead, choose the one you are most proud of and share your reasons why!
  • BONUS Question: What are you most excited for in 2016?

Have you thought of the answers to these questions already? Well, here are my answers:

  • Q: Favorite Trailer of 2015
  • A: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Trailer #1

There has always been a lot of excitement centered around Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, even before we knew anything about anything other than the fact that it was the first Star Wars film to take place after Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. So throughout the entire year of 2015, we've been crowding our computer screens, grabbing every little morsel of info we could get about J.J. Abrams' newest addition in the Star Wars saga.

That's what made this trailer great when it was released because it fed that hunger every Star Wars fan was having. It gave us a vague look at the story and a very detailed look at the action. It did everything that movie trailers don't usually do. It didn't spoil the film, it didn't give away too much, it didn't show you all the good parts just to trick you into seeing the film; it just teased the audience and gave them just enough and did everything that a trailer is meant to do.

I think quite a few different movies coming out next year could learn a lesson from how well Disney and Lucasfilm handled this trailer.

  • Q: Favorite Movie Moment of 2015
  • A: Avengers: Age of Ultron "Fight for Sokovia"

There's been a lot of great movie moments this past year and I've been given a lot of great opportunities to enjoy movies more than usual. Some of the greatest moments involved massive dinosaur action or epic sci-fi dog fights but the one that I have to say really just blew me away from how unexpected it was was the scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron where the Avengers start to really get the upper hand on Ultron and his seemingly, never-ending forces of robotic terror.

The specific scene is the one pictured above where Vision, Thor, and Iron Man all just go full comic-book and start dousing Ultron with their beams of lighting, radiation, and good old-fashioned magnetically channeled beams of super-heated plasma. It may sound kind of weird to some but in that moment, while sitting in the theater, it was the first time, even for Marvel Studios, that I felt like a comic book was truly coming to life. The fanboy in me couldn't help but grin at the fact that knowing was holding back on this and everything great about these characters' abilities was being fully realized.

  • Q: Favorite Character of 2015
  • A: Rey (Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens)

I loved Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens despite the fact that it was pretty much a slightly different retelling of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. J.J. Abrams did a great job telling us this familiar story with (mostly) unfamiliar faces. These new characters that were introduced were all very awesome and it was really hard to choose who I liked most between Poe, Finn, and Rey. But at the end of the day I had to go with Rey because Poe didn't have enough screen time and Finn has not fully come into his own; one could argue that Rey is still finding herself as well and I won't deny that, but she's a pretty confident person in most of her abilities and other than one moment of weakness and fear of falling into the legacy of a Jedi, she's a woman with conviction.

But Daisy Ridley did a great job of portraying this new protagonist by making her charming, cool, and funny especially considering that J.J. Abrams had told her on the set that her acting was "wooden". She's definitely developed her acting and was, for me, the biggest highlight of the film and I cannot wait to see how her character evolves and also for them to reveal that she is Luke's daughter...I'm still under the impression that she is considering that The Force Awakens play-set for Disney Infinity 3.0 kind of spoiled that. But out of all the characters in the movie, she had the most development but that's just my opinion and seeing her give herself over to the force and whoop on a wounded Kylo Ren was pretty great.

  • Q: Favorite Entertainment Person of 2015
  • A: Jimmy Fallon

This year, there's been no entertainer that I've followed more than Jimmy Fallon. Fallon has really recreated The Tonight Show in a way that appeals to my generation with the stupid games like "Slap Jack" and "Egg Roulette" while giving out some great recreational ideas such as "Lip Sync Battles". He's just so much fun to watch do these games and do these interviews with some of these celebs in the biggest movies. He's just so much fun, he's likable and charming and really appeals to everyone.

  • Q: Favorite Article (Created By You) in 2015
  • A: "The Origin of How the Joker REALLY Got Those Scars!"

Way back in May, I participated in a contest which consisted of re-creating an origin story for a character in a movie, tv show, or game. The choice that I made was to retell the story of the Joker, specifically the Christopher Nolan depiction of the character in 2008's The Dark Knight. I knew that the popularity of the character would lead several writers to retell the origin of the Joker so I needed to do it fast before the topic became so over-saturated.

But what I loved most about retelling the origin of the Joker was the fact that we don't actually know the origin of Christopher Nolan's Joker, played by Heath Ledger. We get, from the character himself, multiple origins of "how I got these scars".

It was a whole lot of fun reading into those lines, trying to find the truth in them and piecing them together and what started out as an article for a competition ended up becoming a narrative of story that showed the other side of my writing style that I don't get to explore very often on here.

What topped it all off was seeing how well it was received from the community with a few users dishing out some amazing compliments that furthered my confidence in not only writing ability as a blogger but also in my story-telling ability.

If you want to read the article, following the link below:

"The Origin of How the Joker REALLY Got Those Scars!"

  • BONUS Q: What are you most excited for in 2016?
  • BONUS A: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It doesn't take much more than pitting two of the comic book world's most iconic characters against each other on screen, to get me excited. Add to that list of excitement the fact that we are getting this film with the promise of a Justice League movie in 2017 and the fact that we'll be seeing the first live-action movie depiction of Wonder Woman and I'm on board 100%.

The film also looks to have some amazing footage and I think that all the characters look to be fantastically cast (yes, even Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor). I think it's so cool that Warner Bros. and DC are deciding to take inspiration from Marvel Studios in that they're building a cinematic universe to house all of their respective characters while at the same time adding a different, more real-world flavor to the otherwise fantastical elements of this genre.

I was a huge fan of Man of Steel despite how many view the film as "divisive" to say the least. I love how everyone behind the scenes isn't afraid to continue on with the story they started and to even address the divisive nature of Superman's morally-complex decision at the end of the first film. I also love how Batman is being used as a part of the audiences' point of view of Superman and vice versa.


There you have it. I hope whoever started this challenge sees this article and is pleased.

Have a Happy New Year, Everyone!


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