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Netflix will be unveiling a new encoding process that will help Comcast customers to beat their data caps through Netflix subscription.

Netflix Inc. is currently known as the uncrowned king of the TV industry. The internet TV provider is significantly growing its business and viewer base across the globe. Prior to its sheer dominance in the market, it planned to form alliance with rivals in order to surpass them. The streaming giant only trails HBO in the original programming space but apart from this, no company can match what it does in the industry. It received eight nominations, one more than HBO, at the Golden Globe Awards a few weeks ago.

In the beginning of this year, Netflix said that it would befriend with its rivals in order to beat them in the market. According to sources, it is believed that the company is currently working to help the Comcast customers beat their data caps. Viewers who have Comcast’s internet service and Netflix monthly subscription should be relieved as the streaming service provider brings good news to all Comcast customers. The company has announced that it is ‘reencoding’ its entire library to improve streaming and user experience.

It is believed that the firm is working on an encoding process that will optimize the bit rate at which it sends the video streaming on per title basis. To make it easy, the new technology would result in not consuming any user’s precious Comcast data as it previously used to do.

This move would not only be beneficial for the users with fast internet speeds but to those users as well who have limited internet speeds. This is good news to all those international customers as well where the company is expanding, such as Cuba, where internet is very expensive, and other regions where internet is not as fast as that of America and the United Kingdom.

This is great news for customers and hardcore internet TV viewers but bad news for cord cutters. The CEO of Comcast, Brian Roberts, said, “Only 5% of customers are affected by the data caps. While about 20% of Comcast Internet subscribers don't take its video service, they may take video service from a telecom or satellite competitor.”

Netflix is the first choice of all the US viewers. According to a recent survey, more than half of the citizens prefer to get a monthly subscription from Netflix instead of Amazon Prime Video or Hulu. The firm has plans to expand in more than 200 countries by the end of 2020.


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