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Bloodborne the Old Hunters is an expansion to the original Bloodborne game. People ask me if the old hunters expansion is worth it. Well we are given a total of 5 new zones, 5 tough bosses, a ton of new weapons and gear and an it expands the lore of the bloodborne world, then I would say yes. Thanks to numerous new game pluses you can get a fair amount of challenge out of what the old hunters can offer. During my first playthrough of the expansion, going in blind, I got at least 8 - 10 hours out of it. Mind you death occured a fair few times during this time.

The old hunters offers a challenge that I think the original Bloodborne lacked. It also tries to answer questions that the original left us. I'm sure players who love to explore will find joy in tracking down all the items and weapon, players who like achieving will delight in bringing down the bosses and players who what a work of art will enjoy what is on offer with the Old Hunters.

If you haven’t already check out my review of the main Bloodborne game as a lot of what I said in that review applies to the Old Hunters Expansion.


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