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Fallout 4 is an explorers paradise. While it’s story is all over the place depending on what quest you are taking on, it is still enough to make you want to keep playing. Even if it’s taking you all over the commonwealth or doing things out of character with the critical path.

Gameplay is functional and works. VATs have been made a lot better and less of a crutch for players to abuse like in Fallout 3. Fallout 4 really takes on board the “if it’s not broke” approach to the gun play. However, it expands on it with so much more customisation options with our weapons and gear. The addition of the base building doesn't add loads for the average player but if you can get into it then you will loose countless more hours on this already epic game.

The presentation like I already mention is hit and miss, with some areas looking or being performed very well, while other areas are lacking.

The biggest thing Fallout 4 has going for it is the search for more. Players will be driven by discovery. What is over that hill? What if I explore this vault? What loot is that legendary mob holding? All of these and more will keep players going. More than the story and more than the presentation, the exploration of this massive world is what will keep players going. Hours will be lost on this game if you can get into it. Needless to say too that the pc modding community will expand the game even further making issues like what I have with some of the graphics not a problem. If you enjoy first person shooters, rpgs and especially games that give you an epic land to explore at your own pace then you will lose yourself in the commonwealth.


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