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Do you still feel like you're young and wild? Well, if so. Read up on what some of your favorite Nick stars are up to now! (And who long bottomed!).

Devon Werkheiser

Long bottomed? Um, YEAH! The dorky but love able Ned Bigby is all grown up. He is now 24 and it looks like he survived middle school okay.

Daniel Curtis Lee

Still lookin sharp, Cookie! Who needs computers when you have over 200 songs in credit to your name for songwriting and instrumentals, and you're only 24?

Lindsey Shaw

Now 26, Lindsey has gotten out a little more in television, starring in movies such as "Teen Spirit" and "16 Love". Looks like Ned should've been crushing on her instead of Suzie Crabgrass. Speaking of which...

Christian Serratos

Say what? Christian, 25, (aka Suzie Crabgrass) became the strong and beautiful companion on The Walking Dead, Rosita. Looks like TWD lucked out on this one. Fun fact: Suzie Crabgrass' name was actually supposed to be Suzie Crabtree.

Kyle Swann

Who knew? Swann, now 25, has a delicate side! We all knew his character was not-so-secretly in love with Moze, but he's got a soft side for marine life in real life! Swann now lives his days as a part time underwater photographer. His portfolio is full of beautiful life under the surface!

Josh Peck

Ah, the adorkable boy we grew up completely understanding--- if you weren't the favored child. Josh is now 29, and happily (we hope) working on his new show with John Stamos, "Grandfathered". Good for you, Josh!

Drake Bell

Still a ladies man, Bell is now 29 and hasn't really gotten out there recently... He was in the Spoof movie "Superhero Movie" in 2008, and a couple things here and there. He has recently taken well deserved heat from the LGBT alliance, from his transphobic tweet: "Sorry, still calling you Bruce". As referring to Caitlyn Jenner. As cool as Drake Parker was, this was not , Bell.

Miranda Cosgrove

Some would say they had a "Megan" in their house growing up, and others say they were the "Megan" of their house. But, in reality, there is only one. Megan Parker. As devious as she was, Miranda is a bit less devilish. Starring in iCarly for quite some years, Cosgrove is now 22 living with her family in L.A.

Feeling old yet? Well, there's still one of the most loved shows of all time for tweens and teens alike: Zoey 101!

Jamie Lynn Spears

As we all know, some idiot got Jamie pregnant and now she has a *cough*DEVIL*cough* child. Jamie, now 24, has launched a small music career on the side in the country genre while she takes care of her new(ish) family.

Sean Flynn

Flynn, who played the lovable yet dorky Chase Matthews, is now 26. After the show, Flynn began to work more behind the scenes (even though we all know he should stay right in front of it). He now continues to study his craft in film.

Matthew Underwood

Matt Underwood played the ladies man Logan on the show. Am I the only one who didn't have a crush on him and genuinely hoped he got his ass whooped by his own arrogance? Yeah? Okay. Well it seems that he stayed a bad boy after the show. Underwood was arrested twice a couple years back. Once for possession of drugs, and the next for violating his paroll from his previous arrest. At 25, he doesn't really do much now.

Erin Sanders

Oh, Quinn. From the weirdest girl in the school to dating the (somehow) "hottest guy in school". Even though most of your quinnventions made us want to hurl, you touched our hearts. After Zoey 101, she moved on to "Big Time Rush", another somewhat popular show from Nick. She is now 24 and has guest starred in shows such as "Weeds", "Mad Men",Castle", and ABC's hit sitcom, "Melissa and Joey".

Victoria Justice

Vic played a spunky and acting inspired Lola. Soon after Zoey 101, Vic moved onto another Nick show, "Victorious" playing a young and talented Tori. She now is 22 and continues to work with her music.

Alexa Nikolas

Only around for a few seasons, Alexa played the tragically boy-crazy Nicole, who was later shipped to an all girl's school. Poor Nicole. Hey, maybe guys were just experiments. Alexa is now 23 and has been married to Mike Milosh since 2012. She has been in movies such as "Zoolander" and "Detention of the Dead".

Kristin Herrera

We all love- hated this little sassy b****. Now 26, Herrera has kind of disappeared from film. Honestly, I don't know what she's up to now. All I care about is how much I related to her brutal honesty.

Jack Salvatore Jr.

Jack was the monotone yet logical Mark Delfigalo. Now 26, Jack lives in LA and continues to persue acting and writing comedy.

Christopher Massey

Related to Disney star Kyle Massey, Chris was also a favorite in Zoey 101. Michael Barret was the name, clacking clackers was his game! Seriously though, why was he so obsessed with clackers?! Anyway, a couple years have passed (but only like, TEN) and he recently showed in the short "What Did Zoey Say?", a continuance of the iconic and beloved episode "Time Capsule", when Zoey told Chase what was on the DVD. Though he is now 25, he does not act in very many things anymore.

Paul Butcher

Paul Butcher. Wow. WOW! He is probably one of the greatest long bottoms of all time! Dustin is old enough to drink now! 21! A Valentine's baby as well, Dustin---ahem-- Paul is doing some modeling on the side and enjoys sports and the beach in his free time.

Well! Certainly you must feel old now! If not, you're probably drunk! Happy New Years!


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