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I'm a lover of movies, comics, TV, and a lot of pop culture. I'm working for 2016 to watch 366 movies and write a review for each. Check ou

My name is Jonathan Berkenfield and I am a high school teacher in Florida. I never imagined myself as a teacher, but it is where I found myself after receiving my Mass Communications degree from Florida Southern College. I started off teaching English, but lucked into television production. I found that subject was the perfect class for me as I was able to combine my teaching skills and my college degree into one area.

Eventually, through teaching that subject I discovered that film was the love of my life. It had always been there through good times and bad. I’ve collected movies in some format or another since I was a kid. Some of the movies in my collection I’m ashamed to own as they wouldn’t be listed in a film critic’s personal library, but I’ve broadened my taste over the years and my collection is quite diverse. This love of film has encouraged me to change TV production into a high school film class.

I definitely was not qualified to be a film teacher when I started TV production a few years ago, but through motivation and YouTube coaches like Ryan from Film Riot I have learned a lot about what makes a film good! It is this knowledge and the aforementioned love that has driven me to this crazy task. I plan to watch 365 movies in the year 2016 and write some type of review for each one.

For the rules of the challenge and to track my progress check out


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