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Baldwin Collins

I revisited this David Lean's classic with great joy, over the new years eve. Bringing Back fond memories of when i first watched it as a young school boy. The scene above, is near the opening of ''Great Expectations '' where young pip ( Tony wager ) Meets the escape convict Magwitch ( George Hayes ) in the church yard's Cemetary. However this Charles Dickens Novel probably Had the most Adaptation to film, more than any other Novel in film history. Starting in (1917) a silent film, starring jack pickford and Louise Hull. distributed by Paramount Pictures and released January 8. ( 1917) Then remake in (1934 ) Starred Phillip Holmes and Jane Wyatt. David lean's version (1946) A BBC-TV film version, (1999) a BAFTA award winner.

And the remake film in (2012) Starring Jeremy Irvine and Robbie Coltrane. and there's Probably many more. Why was director David Lean's version so unique ? interestingly, sir Alec Guinness who played Herbert Pocket. was instrumental in Bringing the story to film again. After appearing in a (1939) stage play version. Guinness ended-up Reprising the same Character Herbert pocket in the film. also actress Martita Hunt who played Miss Havisham reprised the Character in the film.

However, David lean had a winning crew, Film producer Ronald Neame and Photographer Guy Green. Both crew members and some of the cast members returned in lean's ''Oliver Twist'' (1948) ''GREAT EXPECTATIONS'' (1946) Won two academy awards and nominated for Best picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay, Today David Leans version in my opinion remains the Definitive version.


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