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Ever wonder exactly how much energy is produced by a lightsaber when you watch Luke and Darth Vader bashing them off each other? How about the number of joules produced by the warp drive of the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek?

Of course you haven't! Science fiction is full of incredible energy sources that seem to be unbelievably powerful, but a team over at saveonenergy have done the work for you! Now you can see a definitive top ten list of the most powerful energy sources in all of film! Check it out below!

10. The Human Torch Nova Burst! (The Fantastic Four)

Johnny Storm lighting up in flames the way he just loves to do is actually a whole lot more powerful than you ever realized! Sure it gives him the ability to fly, but in addition to this, he is able to perform a "nova burst" which generates heat in excess of a million degrees! Put that into perspective by thinking about the fact that the melting point of diamond, yes I said diamond, is only about 3700 degrees. He could melt diamonds with 0.3% of his full power.

9. A Lightsaber! (Star Wars)

That's right, the most coveted weapons ever, because they produce battles as cool as the one above. Lightsabers are even more powerful than you ever realized. They are, at any single second, producing enough power to heat 7.5 tanks of water to 140 fahrenheit! I mean, if you think about how easily they just slice through metal, bone, and pretty much anything we've seen them try and slice through, it makes sense that they get on this list. If you want an actual energy value, it's 2x10^8 joules. I know, right?

8. Thor's Hammer! (Thor and The Avengers)

Yeah, that makes sense too. Forged in the heart of a dying star, this is known across the Marvel universe as one of the most powerful artifacts ever. With it, Thor can fly, produce super charged lightning, and kick the ass of various aliens and other villains, like in the video above. With his lightning strikes, Thor can actually use this to produce 100x the power of the biggest power plant in the world! You want a value on this one? It's 3.0x10^8 Joules. I KNOW, RIGHT?

7. The Flux Capacitor! (Back to the Future)

But as incredibly powerful as the lightsabers and hammers are, they aren't able to travel in time! The amazing flux capacitor that Doc Brown inserted in the DeLorean is actually able to time travel, and that requires an unbelievable amount of energy. It produces energy equivalent to 60% of the energy output of Hoover Dam! This time, the number is 1.21 GIGAWATTS!

6. Tony Stark's Arc Reactor! (Iron Man 2)

While Tony Stark was able to make an amazingly powerful arc reactor to save his life and power the Iron Man armor in the first film, the new element he "rediscovered" in the scene above allowed him to go even further, and now he can power buildings with a minimal amount of the technology that powers the suits. The power of this tiny device (equivalent to four million horsepower) could power 10,000 space shuttles!

5. The Terminator Energy Cell! (The Terminator)

The energy cells which power The Terminator 800 series are so strong that they give out 14.53 Megawatts of energy for an entire month! If you tried to power a terminator with gasoline instead, it would take enough to fill a car roughly 18,000 times!

4. Human Batteries! (The Matrix)

The incredibly creepy way the Matrix is powered is actually incredibly powerful (I'm getting tired of saying that). The number of batteries that the machines use would produce enough energy to power Portugal every hour! That is 63.5 billion KiloWatts every hour!

3. Warp Drive! (Star Trek)

The legendary warp drive. One of the most important elements of a Starship such as the Enterprise. It is what powers the whole thing, allowing it to go at warp speeds, which are faster than the speed of light! Just to get to warp speed, never mind maintaining it, the Enterprise would need 6.5x10^19 Joules, which is enough to power the Earth for a year! I can't even comprehend the impossibility of this being real.

2. The Death Star Laser! (Star Wars)

So with a warp drive you could power the earth, but with this you could destroy it! The Death Star laser can destroy a planet. That is simply an almost immeasurable amount of power. It is thought that the maximum output is 1.0x10^38 Joules, which is just an unthinkable value of energy. It focuses 8,333 years of total energy released by the sun into just one beam, and it only takes about fifteen minutes to power up!

1. The Tesseract! (The Avengers)

But, while all of these incredible power sources seems to be almost immeasurable, this one actually is. The tesseract is one of the six infinity stones in the Marvel Universe, which are all unlimited in their power. This stone allows you to be anywhere at any time. It opened a rift between the opposite ends of the known universe, and was able to form barriers that cannot be broken by anything except itself. The energy is literally infinite, as it does not require charging of any kind. It is a self contained object, which literally was formed at the beginning of the universe. You do not get more powerful than that, no matter how incredibly powerful you are.

So there it is guys, those were the ten most powerful energy sources in film history! I'll never know how the team at saveonenergy was able to form such a list, but the research behind it is incredible, and some of the measurements of energy are incredibly unusual! If you want to hear more about the project, visit the site to see all their findings, or scroll below to see some of the graphics they made in the course of their research!


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