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Before I start this I want to address the Theories of Rey being Kenobi's Granddaughter. Movie wise not literature universe; What do we really know about Obi Wan Kenobi?

Ok let’s see, we know he was taken at a very young age and all he has ever known is the Jedi way. So much so that he is considered a puritan and Jedi to the bone. His stubbornness and dedication to the Jedi way in my opinion is a direct result of Anakins path to the darkside.

Why? Because in philosophy we are taught that the methods used to teach one person are not guaranteed to work for another. Kenobi never knew love, his parents or family, all he has ever known was the Force. This led him to be harder than necessary on Anakin. Being that Ankain knew and had previously expirienced these feelings. In my opinion this made Kenobi impatient and a horrible mentor. If we are counting the prequels (which I can see the success of these new movies leading to a reboot of the prequels) Obi wan told Anakin off on almost everything he did, never hid his dissapointment and showed little remorse when offing him. It was even said that “Qui-gon would have played his cards differently with Anakin” hinting that anakin wouldn't have likely not gone dark under better tutelage. Kenobi's methods are also shown to have pissed of Luke in his attempts to make up for Anakin.

So this being said Rey being Kenobi’s Granddaughter is both an insult and a dishonor to Obi Wans dickish I’m better than you and a Jedi to the end, with an uncorruptible asshole dedication to the force. But ……….. Rey can still be a Kenobi…

Ok your probably thinking I am nuts, and should reread what I just wrote. True especially the part where Kenobi was taken from his Family at a super young age. Meaning that we don’t know if Kenobi has a brother, a sister or he is one of seven, eight or even nine kids, and if his parents had one kid strong in the force why not another.

So knowing this, you then take into consideration that the Jedi code prohibits, love, relationships, and FAMILY…. so it is fair to say that if Kenobi had a sibling strong in the force the council would never informed him of it. So it is fair to say that like Obi Wan after the Anakin massacre, Rob Kenobi or Sue Kenobi could have gone into hiding as well, putting out into the universe a Kenobi who is not a puritan and could easily give birth to a Bob Kenobi who then gave birth to Rey. Or less complicated is the fact that the Force is something that can skip a generation or two, so a non-Jedi Chuck Kenobi gave birth to Rey.

And why does Rey being a Kenobi work, simple cause if we are sticking to the redemption theme Kenobi's have a ton of redemption to pay up. Being it wasn’t the Skywalker lineage that brought chaos and unbalance to the universe, it was Kenobi who Failed the chosen one and was not wise enough in the force to properly guide Anakin. Skywalker's are nothing more than pawns in a Kenobi and Darkside game of chess. So the hell we are seeing in the universe is Kenobi’s doing not the Skywalker’s. An homage to Kenobi’s failure with Anakin and a reminder that the Jedi way is not always the right way, is shown to us in the Force Awakens with Luke and Ben Solo. Discipline that cuts out parts of ones being is not a method guaranteed to work, look at the Catholic Church and its priest. ( So Rey’s being of Kenobi linieage could be the Forces way of making up for Kenobi’s fumble, plus Yoda does state and tell Obi in the original movies “that there is another.” Other than Luke. Some thinks its Leia but she is lazy in the force and old as hell now.

Ok so that covers that theory; now let’s play around with Rey being Luke’s daughter. I’ll try to make this plot short and simple.

Battle of Endor ends and a year later Han and Leia get it on and Ben is born, meanwhile Luke starts up a new Jedi academy. One of Lukes first students (we will call her Jedi Jane) is a female close to his age and strong in the force. The student mentor thing buds into a romance, being that the fire lit by Leia before finding out she was his sister still burns.

Years pass Jedi Jane becomes a Jedi and realizes that she is pregnant, and that this revelation could destroy everything Luke has built, so she decides to do the honorable thing and leave The Jedi Academy under the guise of becoming the Jedi ambassador of her home world Jakku, never telling Luke the truth. Meanwhile Ben is becoming difficult to manage and is now showing signs of being strong in the force. At this point we don’t really know how old Ben was when he was sent to train with Luke, but based on his resentment and love for Han, I’d have to say he was older, so i'm gonna say between 10 and 13. So Jedi Jane could be have been around for Ben’s first year or left right before he got their, giving us a semi heartbroken Luke who compensates by behaving more like Obi Wan Kenobi, once again repeating the past and screwing up Ben as Kenobi did with Anakin. The lesson here is, the Jedi Code is outdated and likely to lead to unbalanced sexually and emotionally deprived weapons of mass destruction. If there is anything we have learned from dystopian tales is that controlling ones emotion and people does not prevent war and hell. Plus Kenobi was an Ass.

A number of years have pass Ben is now 18 and on the fast track to becoming a Jedi. Rey is 7 or so living on Jakku with her mom Jedi Jane (According to sources Ben was born 1 year after Endor, Rey was born 11 years after Endor so that shoots down the sibling theory) (and this next part can be played for the Kenobi theory as well as the Luke)

A. Luke sense someone strong with the force on Jakku (Kenobi Theory, tho Flash back in movie says no and you will see why)

B. Jedi Jane realizes that Rey is strong in the force and after years of hesitation contacts Luke and tells him.

At this point Luke decides to leave, leaving Ben Solo in charge, confident that he is the right Jedi for the Job. All the while unaware that Snoke revealed to Ben the truth about his Grandfather Anakin, twisting the story to make Jedi's seem like the bad guys. This and his lack of love for Luke's dickish Kenobi attitude pushes him to the darkside swearing to finish what his grandfather had started.

Luke arrives on Jakku, happy and conflicted by the rekindle fire lost with Jedi Janes absent, to find that his child is a young girl named Rey. Luke is said to be a friend at first, but a few family fun blissful days, leads to Jedi Jane to tell Rey the man is her father never once calling/ revealing him as Luke do to Jedi hostility. Never realizing that her father was the Luke from her mother’s stories she grew up waitning for her parents to return. (this is why Rey does not know her fathers name and show such and intense almost tearful sense of recognition when she see's Luke)

One day both Luke and Jedi Jane are startled by a great disturbance in the force (how Ben knew Han was around and Leia knew Han was dead) Luke then tells Jedi Jane that he must go, Jedi Jane understands he must leave but also insist that what she felt was really bad and the two of them should go together. after some debate they agree to go together, leaving Rey with some friends and telling Rey that they will return shortly. (Flash back Rey not wanting them to leave and watching ship fly away, which kills the parents being non Jedi Kenobi's or Kenobi theory. Unless all Kenobi's are dicks and they sold her lying to her and swearing to one day come back.)

Upon their arrival at the new Jedi Academy, Luke and Jedi Jane find everyone dead.. in the hopes of finding survivors and Ben in order to get answers they split up, but Ben is gone and all that remains are his band of renegades (as in the flashback where Ben is shown with other darkside collaborators around him)

(Kylo Ren and Darkside collaborators)
(Kylo Ren and Darkside collaborators)

While searching, Jedi Jane encounters the collaborators first, engaging in battle and ultimately losing her life. Luke, getting their to late gives into his anger and Kills all the collaborators. Heart broken and distraught at his actions and whats happened he decides to go back to where the Jedi's first began in the hopes of finding answers and himself. Before doing so he entrust Maz Kanata with his saber, Lor San Tekka with the map ,and putting all his faith and hope into the force, requests that R2D2 (the scene where Luke lays his hand on R2) go into stasis and only awaken when both the saber and map came together, believing it was something that could only be accomplished by someone worthy of the force, afterwards walking away for good never returning for Rey knowing she was safer away from him.

(Entrusting R2)
(Entrusting R2)

In the final scene when Rey finds Luke we see what could be a Gravestone in the background (Possibly Jedi Jane)

There you have it… Please tell me what you think.


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