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So, here we are after Star Wars episode 7, many theories airing with strong arguments about who Snoke actually is. Is that the only questions that pops onto my head? Nah, there is the thing about Rey who is using the Force valiantly and what was that we saw at the last?......Our all favourite Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker glaring at Rey after taking a peek at his lightsaber. Smelled fishy....anyways moving on, how did R2-D2 suddenly woke up and shared the information of the map to Luke Skywalker's destination. Was there a time limiter placed on him that until this amount of time he would not be activated or was there a way in which Luke sensed Rey's presence near him so he triggered his favourite droid somehow,etc. Too many things to talk about.

Now coming to Kylo Ren, damn!! That guy has the coldest look in his eyes. It is as if he has no emotions, no feelings. Although he was turned to the dark side by Snoke, he still had some light in him and why wouldn't he? His parents were Han and Leia and he had Luke as his master. That should count for something. Moreover, when Han Solo almost convinced his son to go home with him, it would have been possible if the sun was still there which unfortunately did not as the sun's energy were sucked in. So again darkness won over his heart and he killed his father.

Nevertheless, Snoke did what he intended and then with him he created the sinister First Order. At the last when Kylo fought with Rey, he seemed all delusional and not quite convinced of which path to choose and there is that part where Snoke says "It is time to complete his training."

What did he actually mean by that? If Kylo Ren was not trained fully then why in the first place would he send him to these missions?

Was he meaning to test Kylo's power by putting him against his father? Or he was in a hurry to find and destroy Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi?

And there is such a strange appearance of Snoke. It is either he is of that size or maybe he works the hologram to project his body enlarged. I am going with the latter.

Now, as to who he could be. My theory is that he could be the greatest Sith Lord, Darth Plagueis. He acquired considerable knowledge in the field of midi-chlorian manipulation, but was ultimately betrayed and murdered by his own apprentice, in accordance with the "Rule of Two." Plagueis, however, also developed a belief that the Force could strike back at him for his power. In truth, he became so powerful that the only thing he still dreaded was losing his power. He taught his disciple everything he knows, how to manipulate midi-chlorian cells and even to create new life.

He was the master of Darth Sidious, Palpatine. Previously Palpatine shared the tale of his master and how he died in hands of his student, obviously implying that he is the murderer.

Though Sidious said that his master is dead, I think he has come back somehow as it is said earlier that he can create life and manipulate midi-chlorian cells using the Force. So in my opinion, there is a possibility that Snoke could actually be Darth Plagueis.


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