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If there's anyone I love more than Bruce Wayne's batman is Terry Mcginnis. Who we all know is the futuristic batman who inherits the mantle from an older Wayne. This could possibly happen later on in the DCEU considering that the Bruce they're portraying is in his late 40'S and is at the end of his rope respectively. Anyway, I started going through the main characters of the Batman Beyond animated series and put a list of my personal choices for either a movie . SO HERE WE GOOOO!!!!

  • Taylor Launter as Terry Mcginnis

Despite his role as the new Batman, Terry leads a very different, far less privileged life than Bruce. In addition to coping with his father's death, Terry struggles to keep his double life secret from his mother and younger brother. Because of his responsibilities as Batman, he is not afforded the same licenses the Robins enjoyed and is expected to be on the call whenever he is needed. As a result, Terry is just barely successful at balancing out his dual life, on several occasions prompting both men to reconsider Terry's reliability.

Yes, I know what you're thinking... but in my opinion, I think considering the personality of Terry which we know is a quirky, hot-headed and snarky individual but has a soft heart at times. He's also a talker, and tends to be more social than perhaps someone with his night life should be. Being a bad-boy growing up helped to instill a rebellious streak in him that would follow through his starting career as Neo-Gotham's Batman. I think Taylor really brings that to the screen. Especially with his performance in Abduction, where his character is dealing a lot emotional stress from family issues. Issues that he has to carry for the rest for the rest of his life. Terry has the same stress.

And also there's this

Shay Mitchell as Dana Tan

Terry flirted with several girls throughout the show, but his main love interest has always been Dana Tan, his girlfriend. In the episode "Big Time," she recognizes Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow by sight, suggesting that Dana and Terry were together at age 14 since ninth grade, although in "Rebirth", Terry's mother notes that Dana, Terry's "friend", left him her number, suggesting that they became an item over the course of the series. Despite their commitment to each other, their relationship is strained as Terry struggles early on as Batman to balance his dual obligations. The two verge on the possibility of breaking up several times, especially before Terry meets Melanie Walker, AKA Ten of the Royal Flush Gang. Despite being close to break up many times over, Dana somehow manages to forgive Terry for his absences, believing that Terry sees Bruce Wayne as a father-figure and doesn't want to fail him. The two are usually shown together many times through the series, including the motion-picture movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

I'm going to be honest, i don't know much about Shay Mitchell but from what i've seen I think she has the acting ability to pull off Dana. Not to mention she favors her in the face. She brings that Girlfriend type personality that will be loyal to you, but the one thing you never wanna do is cross her. The one thing that Shay Mitchell has is a personality. which is shown from her character on Pretty Little Liars.

Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne

He is Terry's employer, mentor, and predecessor. During his final mission as Batman, Bruce suffered a heart attack that forced him to use a gun in self-defense; abhorred by this, he hung up his cape and cowl.

Lets face it guys. Keaton would absolutely, positively NAIL this. His acting is far to underrated. Who doesn't want to see Keaton come back as an older Bruce Wayne. That would be ultimate tribute. We all know the talk surrounding him many years ago about the amount of money he turned down for Batman 3, because the movie quote "sucked". (In which it did). So how cool would it be for him to come back with better writing and actors.

Sharon Gless as Barbra Gordon

The no-nonsense Gotham City police commissioner, and the former Batgirl. She was the daughter of former Gotham City police commissioner.

Initially, Barbara was distrustful of the second Batman, Terry McGinnis; this distrust was stressed when Spellbinder used his technology to make her believe that Terry had killed Mad Stan. She also expressed a measure of resentment towards Bruce for not talking Terry out of becoming the latest Batman. At first, she strictly refused Batman's help and warned him to stay out of police matters. But she eventually formed a mentoring relationship with Terry, even helping him on occasion, especially when the Joker returned and had attacked Bruce in the cave. As she was one of the few people who knew Bruce's secret and who could be trusted, she was presumably, the person Terry contacted after Bruce was hurt and she may have helped him treat Bruce. As Bruce recovered, she briefly took over Bruce's role, sitting behind the mainframe in the Batcave providing guidance to him in the field. Barbara has since welcomed Batman back to fighting crime. When Barbara's husband District Attorney Sam Young was targeted by the assassin Curaré, both she and Terry stopped her. She saved Terry's life by throwing a discarded batarang at the killer, amazed she still "had it".

Judging from her role as Michael Weston's Mother on Burn Notice, she has a very good mothering type persona. In her older age, Barbra Gordon is a very tired, broke down, and weary Gotham City Police commissioner. But she still maintains. Sharon Gless, no matter what role she's on always keeps that attitude. No matter whats going around her, she always the strongest one. Her non-sense personality

Sigourney Weaver as Mary Mcginnis

Mary McGinnis is the mother of Terry McGinnis and Matt McGinnis and ex-wife of the late Warren McGinnis. She is an astronomer at Astro-Tech.

Whats not to like about Ms Weaver. There's not one movie that she's been in thats been subpar. All her movies are hits. She's an incredible actress, with a heck of resume. Terry's mom has a lot on her. Divorced from her husband, raising a son by herself. Then after her ex husband dies, she's has to take in her other son, grieve, balance a job, and keeping her cool at the same time. I think Weaver would be good at portraying that mothering figure.

Keke Palmer as Max Gibson

Maxine Gibson is the best friend of Terry McGinnis. She is the smartest person in Terry's High School. Max is a straight "A" student,

she is even capable of becoming a valedictorian. When Maxine was running a program on "who Batman was?" She ran a search on height and age. She ran a search on who Jokerz were on her program also. Terry McGinnis turned out to be at the top of the list. When Max was being terrorized by one of the Jokerz that attended her high school, she found out that Terry was not a member of the Jokerz. However, he was Batman. From that point they became partners. Although Bruce Wayne doesn't like the idea of Max helping Terry out with his war on crime, she has proven herself in the past.

Why do I think she could do this role justice. I mean C'MON!. she is perfect for Max. Think about Max and her personality. Think about Keke and her personality. One major thing that she brings to the screen. Attitude, loyalty, and friendship. I honestly think she's the only actress that could really nail this. Look to her True Jackson role and there you have it.

Hugo Weaving as Derek Powers

Derek Powers was a wealthy businessman. After years of bidding, his company, Powers Technology, merged with Wayne Industries. Wayne was now an old man, and took little interest in day-to-day operations. In the mean time, Powers shifted the company into shady waters. Despite a weapons embargo, he set up a deal for a dangerous nerve gas with Kaznia. An employee, Harry Tully, found out and passed the information along to his co-worker, Warren McGinnis. Tully later died from exposure to the nerve gas.

Desperate to retrieve the information, Powers set his assistant Mr. Fixx to kill McGinnis and make it appear the latter was the victim of the Jokerz gang. However, Fixx did not obtain the disc of information, which had been earlier found by Warren's son Terry. Terry gave the disc to Bruce Wayne, whom Terry discovered was once Batman. Terry would take up the guise of Batman to avenge his father's death.

Hugo Weaving has been acting been acting a long time, to me he's very underrated. I personally think he would do a good job bring Powers to life. Hugo Weaving is so good at playing the '' I guess I'll be a bad routine". If you're looking at his role in the first Captain America as the Red Skull, you're sadly mistaken. Agent Smith in the Matrix: That's all I gotta say. Weaving's acting ability shines through the most in his slow and deliberate movements. It's the little nuances in the way he takes off his glasses, cracks his neck or slowly draws out words that make Agent Smith one of the most memorable characters in cinema history.


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