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"Concussion" follows the story of Dr. Bennet Omalu, who after discovering a disease caused by repetitive concussions, gets denied by the NFL and must fight to get his work recognized. Will Smith is outstanding in the lead role. He brings the character a wide range of dimension and emotions, and truly embodies the character of Dr. Omalu. Smith brings his A-game here and delivers one of my favorite performances of the year. There's a solid cast supporting Smith as well, including Alec Baldwin, Albert Brooks, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. They all give very good performances here, especially the unrecognizable David Morse playing ex-Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Webster.

The story of "Concussion" is one that undoubtedly needs to be told, and the film succeeds in telling it for the most part. The film attacks the National Football League for sure, but I wish they nailed the League harder. A few more scenes involving Luke Wilson's character would have greatly benefited the film overall, and made the NFL more villainous. My main fault with "Concussion" would be the overwhelmingly flat romance scenes. I understand what the director was attempting with these scenes, but they really did not work for me.

"Concussion" fails to bring anything new to the table. It really is just your standard, more fascinating biopic. All the mechanics, the directing, editing, cinematography, score are very solid, but the screenplay needs some work. There are some bad lines throughout, and some really cringing lines as well. But overall, "Concussion" really works. I recommend you check out "Concussion" for Will Smith's fantastic performance and a great, captivating story that will make you pretty angry at the NFL and their deceitful practices that still continue to this day.

-Nick Denbow


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