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Okay guys it is officially the last day of the year and what better way to end it than writing up a quick challenge. This was my first, of hopefully many, years writing for Moviepilot and it has been quite an adventure. I've met a lot of great creators and have had plenty of great experiences over the past year with Moviepilot! Looking forward to see what great articles, movies, and friends the new year brings.

1.) Best Trailer of 2015

This might be surprising to everyone considering I always post about horror movies, but this trailer had me nerding out quite a bit. Now I don't read the comic books and I'm not going to act like I do, but The Dark Knight trilogy is one of my favorite trilogies from a strictly movie standpoint and I'm super excited for Harley Quinn to make her big screen debut!

I know the Suicide Squad has nothing to do with The Dark Knight trilogy, but Batman is pretty much the extent of my superhero knowledge which is why I'm excited for this movie.

2.) Favorite Movie Moment of 2015

Although this movie technically was released at festivals and everything in 2014, it didn't hit American theaters until early 2015 therefore I'm including it. It Follows was one of the movies that people either loved or hated, I personally found the movie to be brilliantly shot. I'm picking this for my "movie moment" because the cinematography in this movie was breathtaking and I thought it was overall one of the best horror movies to be released this year. This scene was my personal favorite scene because although it was in the trailer, I still got a little jump from it.

3.) Favorite Character of 2015

Tyler from The Visit was probably my favorite movie character hands down. Ed Oxenbould did a fantastic job playing Tyler and he had me laughing throughout the entire movie. Although The Visit is a horror/suspense film, Oxenbould's character did a great job at relieving tension throughout the movie and providing the audience with plenty of laughs.

I'm going to cheat and also include my favorite television character of 2015, which would be Mr. James March from AHS: Hotel. James March is played by AHS Alumni Evan Peters and might be one of the darkest characters to grace the series so far. James March is a complete psychopath, but it's hard not to appreciate the darkness this character brings to the season.

4.) Entertainment Person of the Year

Jennifer Lawrence is my entertainment person of the year because quite simply she just kicks ass. I just love her and with the release of the final chapter in The Hunger Games and her movie Joy this year she really isn't going anywhere anytime soon and I'm perfectly okay with that. She also won Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of the Year as well so I'm not the only person who thinks she's absolutely awesome.

5.) My Favorite Article (created by me) in 2015

This one is easy for me, my favorite article of the year is my "10 A-List Celebrities You Can See Die in Horror Movies." This article is my favorite not necessarily because it has the most views, but because it is what got me officially into the community. I think that the Moviepilot community is great and the people I've had a chance to interact with have all been amazing. This article is what got me noticed by other creators and members of Moviepilot and I will always be thankful for that.

Bonus Question: What are you most excited for in 2016

I'm most excited for the amount of horror movies that are being released next year! A large majority of them are remakes and sequels, but none the less I'm excited to check them out; in particular The Strangers 2, The Forrest, The Witch and hopefully Halloween! I'm also extremely excited to watch Suicide Squad as well and see Harley Quinn on the big screen as well as Jared Leto's take on the Joker. 2016 should be a great year for movies!


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