ByRowan Odom, writer at
Rowan Odom

The new Point Break remake is dry and bland and takes all the stuff that made the original good and just throws it all to the side in what feels like a quick cash grab at a cult classic film.

The acting is really bland and one of the best things about the original movie was the chemistry between Reeves and Swayze, in this movie, I felt no chemistry at all and at moments for some reason, Bohdi reminded me of Tommy Wiseau because it seemed like he was switching between accents. I didn't care about any of the characters at all and there are only minor crumbs of the original in this movie, like a moment where Johnny Utah shoots at the sky like in the original film and there is a nod to the Ex-Presidents at the start of the movie and then the Ex-Presidents are just never mentioned after that as they go from having the president's faces on their helmets then back to boring all-black tactical clothes and it took the little personality the criminals had in this movie away.

In the end, this movie is pointless, it changes too much from the original, the acting is wooden, the cinematography looks boring and saturated, and the plot is dumb as well, the only silver lining to this movie was the Ex-Presidents at the beginning and the other small nods to the original to remind of how this movie could have been good.


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