ByRowan Odom, writer at
Rowan Odom

Daddy's Home isn't bad but it isn't great either, it is a very "okay" movie. I laughed but not as much as I was supposed to, the roles fit everyone and they all did fine. However this isn't a movie you should be rushing out to see at the theater, this is the type of movie you would watch on TV or rent from Redbox for a movie night.

I don't really have much to say about this movie besides it is just okay, you wanna see a "okay" comedy? Watch Daddy's Home, you wanna see Will Ferrell being "okay"? Watch Daddy's Home, wanna see Mark Wahlberg be okay? You know what i'm already going to say. If you go see it, you will laugh but not laughing hard, you would be giggling or chuckling or just snickering. This is just a average comedy, it is going to be forgotten about and won't be known as one of the best Will Ferrell comedies, and not even one of the worst. If you paid $12.50 to see it, you won't feel satisfied but if you pay $1 to rent it from Redbox you will feel satisfied.


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