ByRoss David Drummond, writer at
Ross David Drummond

To all the small minded, whinnying and grumpy wannabe film critics running round thinking they are some how the Mac Daddy by hating on Star Wars!!

Firstly the story of good and evil/light and dark is one of the oldest stories told, even way back to sun versus moon in cave paintings, there are 3 ways the story ends, good guys winning, bad guys winning and nobody winning (I suppose there is a fourth, with everyone losing.) Just because a film follows this construct, doesn't make it unoriginal. This is the 7th film in a massive franchise, that teaches how the ebb and flow of the force can lead to same situations being repeated over and over. It's very hard to brake with this traditional idea of Star Wars, a true fan understands this, and accepts and enjoys the film within this ideal.

Secondly if you are gonna moan about films being unoriginal and you feel the need to rant, I suggest you pour your energy into constructing what you think consists of originality and focus that into a script and go make millions, however I should mention for each of you wannabe critics, there's probably a guy who tried and failed to make an original script. Easier said than done, but by all means crack on and hopefully we will see your name up in lights.

And in summation how about quit your belly aching and enjoy a film that is made up of hours and hours of hard work and a lot of peoples achievements and blood, sweat and tears. I wonder if you guys would enjoy people coming in and criticising your work and saying your office or retail style is unoriginal.


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