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2015 has come to a close (rejoice!), and while I think everyone can agree this was an all around terrible year, I think the best part of this year was the movies. There were tons of good movies this year, and I regret not seeing all of them, but the movies I did see stunned me. There were some absolutely great films to come out, and I can't wait to get started on reviewing some of the best moments in movies and movie culture, as well as some other aspects of this year, and I hope you enjoy reading about them! The questions for the Quick-Fire Challenge are:

1. Best trailer of 2015: Share a trailer released in 2015 that made the most impact on you, got you pumped for a movie and made you count down the days until the movie's release.

2. Your Favorite Movie Moment of 2015: Whether it's an incredible stunt, a great joke or heartbreaking dialogue - which movie moment was your favorite of the year?

3. Your Favorite Character of 2015: Choose a character (preferably one that is new to the big screen) that you loved this year, and tell us why!

4. Entertainment Person of the year: In the world of entertainment, who is your 'Person of the Year' for 2015?

5. What Was Your Favorite Article (Created By You) in 2015?: This doesn't have to be the post with the highest reads. Instead, choose the one you are most proud of and share your reasons why!

BONUS Question: What are you most excited for in 2016? I'm really looking forward to all of your responses and hope you have fun creating them!

Now that you know the questions, let's get started!

1. Best Trailer of 2015

While there are many good (and serious) trailers for upcoming movies that came out this year, I have to say that the red band trailer for 2016's Deadpool takes the cake. The amount of seriousness of every other trailer combined just doesn't add up to the comedy gold of this one, cheesy jokes and all. While there are other films I'm looking forward to more, somehow this trailer just captured my full attention, and I can't help but laugh every single time I watch it.

2. Favorite Movie Moment of 2015

My favorite movie moment of 2015 would have to be the heist scene from Ant-Man. Not only is there some hilarious dialogue about Titanic, but it shows just how amazing Scott Lang really is at improvising his way out of a situation and breaking into a place and stealing some stuff. It proves that he really is the best choice for the next Ant-Man (and best Ant-Man in my opinion), and that this movie will be (and was) the perfect mix of action and comedy.

3. Favorite Character of 2015

I've had many characters of 2015 that I absolutely admired (Mark Watney, Scott Lang, Owen Grady, etc.), but I think that Poe Dameron has to be my spirit animal. He has dashing good looks thanks to Oscar Isaac, he started the new Star Wars trilogy single handedly, he was hilarious throughout the movie, he already has an epic bromance with Finn, and he's the best pilot in the galaxy. He's pretty much the new Han Solo, and I love it. I can't wait to see what they do with this character in the other new Star Wars films, and I really hope we see more of the same loveable rogue we did in The Force Awakens.

4. Entertainment Person of the Year

Chris Pratt would have to be my entertainment person of the year, considering how awesome he was in an action role with Jurassic World, and how funny and wonderful he is as a person. While he didn't have as much going on this year as he did in 2014, he still blesses us all with his hilarious tweets, one of the greatest films of 2015, and doing things like visiting children's hospitals as Star-Lord, or just as himself. Chris Pratt has been around to give us all faith in humanity, a good laugh, and a terrific movie, and that's all you can ask for really!

5. Favorite Article Created by Me

This article has to be my favorite of 2015 (or favorite ever since this is my first year at Moviepilot), and no not because it got the most reads or was my first and only post to reach over 100,000 reads, but because I feel that it perfectly exemplifies everything I learned during MPU and how diverse of a writer I really am. I really only do fancasts because I just love doing them so much, even though I can write whatever I want and well. This perfectly shows that, by the fact that I tried writing an article that people would say is out of my element, and it got extremely popular. I don't even care about the reads that much, but the fact that I could share this theory with over 100,000 people is astounding, and I really think it's the best I've ever written because I got to share it with so many people.

BONUS Question:

What I'm really looking forward to in 2016, in all honesty, would have to be Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I can't wait to see Ben Affleck as Batman (or just another film with Batman in it), and how the DCEU progresses through this film. Of course I'm excited for other movies like Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War, and Suicide Squad, but this one has to have me the most excited for it.


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