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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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This was supposed to be my year end review but seeing as how I was a little busy I guess I could still do it now.

So actually this review was in the works for awhile as I had to watch it again and let me tell you the next review is actually something I forgot to review as well. But for now let's stick with this one.

What do you get when you put Morgan Freeman and Black Widow; Scarlett Johansenn together? You get this epicness.
Obviously diving in the world where the 10% of our brain theory was still unbunked yet, this movie decides to take us to a place where what if we could use more than the portion of the brain we are using now.

Obviously it's a science fiction movie but it does pose an interesting question what if there was a drug that could do it just like Lucy did. Unwillingly of course but that's another story obviously.
Now let me pose my first problem with this movie, and it's a somewhat big for me. Lucy.

I mean we never really know her, we just know that she picks rotten people, who gets her into trouble, but obviously it's Scarlett Johansenn, she's badass and we see that in this movie, lots of times, and although not a lot picked up, I actually did, there's one scene where she's driving and if you pause the video at the right moment you can see a guy stunt driver. But I digress.

Obviously she seeks the help of professor Morgan Freeman, face it, I'm not going to remember his character's name, except for God in Bruce Almighty, but that's for another day.

And then like she has to like help the professor confer and concur with his research and at the same time the bad guys who force fed, technically just hiding the drugs, her like come to kill her but is unable to because she is basically God. I, I'm not even kidding man, she literally disappears, and you're asking yourself. Wait so is she God?

So, this movie definitely has a lot of flaws, but I'm giving it points for creativity and thought process to this, I mean every line is done seriously in this, like nothing slows down after the first act like, you're in a fucking roller coaster and I guess that's part of this movie's charm, there's no real plot except to give humanity hope or some shit, the story line, lacking but overall the effects, the work, the effort it's all there. And c'mon, it's freaking Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johanssen. What's there not to love.

I still think this movie could have been done a little better, just because there was something there, and if it didn't fall into the action movie cliche of having bad guys, or even if there was like either make them goofy or interesting, but these guys were neither the only guy I found funny was that guy who had to act really hard to seem like it's hard to move, and that Lucy took the brief case so easily from him but other then that, I mean it's still a good action movie, yeah the dialogue can be a little monotone and the writing at times, suddenly goes to in-depth but, the reason I'm giving such a high rating is because of the performances in this. I mean talk about giving your all man.


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