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Walking Dead spoiler alert!

In case you hadn't heard, the new (and painfully SHORT) Walking Dead season 6 mid-season premiere trailer IS OUT! Shhheckitout:

Since nothing new was really shown dealing with Negan, except Daryl handing over his gun to Talky McTalkerguy:


We'll just go ahead and talk about everything else.

So let's not waste any time getting to the breaking-down and blowing-every-little-thing-in-every-scene-out-of-proportion, shall we?

"I thought living behind these walls...wasn't (or is it was?) possible. I was wrong."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but those words haven't been uttered by Rick yet, have they? If not, I'm thinking that they weren't being spoken to Carl or Michonne, but to Jessie. I say this because of this scene, just as Rick said "wasn't possible," he turns his head to look at the person beside him, Carl:

Jessie Jessie you so fine, all decked out in zombie intestine
Jessie Jessie you so fine, all decked out in zombie intestine

Michonne's dreadlocked head is shown first:

Then Carl's:

Great zombie impersonation, CORAL
Great zombie impersonation, CORAL

Then it was Jessie taking Carl's hand-

Wait...Jessie taking Carl's hand? MAJOR foreshadowing here...anyway, I know it was Carl's and Jessie's hands because of this shot from the mid-season finale-


I dunno, maybe that's stretching it, thinking Rick was talking to Jessie just because of word/scene placement, but there's going to be a lot of stretching going on in this article ;)

As for Sam

being all like

Looks like his loud mouth *may* have cause a zombie riot...

But check out the time lapse between when the zombies crashed the party:

And when the gang is battling the herd:


Looks like a lot of time has passed between the two! So maybe Carl's eye is safe for a few more hours after the start of the mid-season premiere...

But check out this scene:

And Maggie screamin her preggo head off:

Is she screaming Glenn's name? After all that Rick, Carl and Maggie have been through, to see the look of terror/surprise/sorrow on their hardened little faces, man...somebody big just died. And if Maggie's screaming for Glenn? Oh boy. But again, where the heck is Maggie when she's screaming? That doesn't look like the perch she was stranded on back in November, so maybe it's further in the season. Like, oh I don't know, the last episode of season 6? Then again, after closer observation, the wall behind her does look like the wall around the town, so maybe it is from episode 9.

Also, Glenn appears to be talking during this part, saying "People you love, they're still part of you. Even after they're gone." Taken from the mid-season finale back in November, it might be him talking about himself, seeing how you're hearing it as Maggie's screaming.

I'm gonna call it. Glenn bites the dust this time, for good. Sorry folks!

Let's take a look at this Rick scene.

This one's a LONG long shot...

Rick up high:

Rick down low:

What is Rick chopping at that's that low? Midget walker? (Sorry if that offended anyone) Well, from this panel of the comics:


Rick, at some point during the Great Walker Migration in the comics, has to chop Jessie's hand off because she won't let go of Carl. Something about getting eaten by zombies makes a girl freeze up. Maybe there will be some major comic book scenes in February? One can only hope (and not hope at the same time)!

Also in that scene...what in the sam hill is this in front of Rick as he's chopping?

It could just be some freakishly burnt zombie, but it looks WEIRD.

On a side note, we have a new zombinee for the Ugliest Undead Mofo award!

That's a nasty one!


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