ByJoshua Larsen-Bradford, writer at
Joshua Larsen-Bradford

Ever since Smallville finished with its 10th season fans have been left with a small farm-boy shaped hole in their hearts which no big blockbuster movie could fill. The team franchise style dynamic within the show was the first widely popular example of its kind, introducing new superheroes and showing the birth of the Justice League itself. Now with the birth of DC's new television series The Flash and its highly popular crossovers with Arrow, people are left asking, what will be linked next, eager to see this new world grow and make a wider stage for teamwork amongst the super friends.


Will we see a crossover between Smallville and The Flash?

The short answer, it's a longshot, after all, the Green Arrow in Smallville is vastly different from the one we see in Arrow, even forgetting whether or not the stars would like to reprise their roles or who owns the rights to who. However, with the new storyline of a multi verse within The Flash, there's a chance we could totally see a cameo at sometime in the future. We've already seen alternate versions of the flash come through as well as a second Harrison Wells. Who's to say in a different universe somewhere Clark Kent isn't figuring out his powers in a barn or saving Lex Luthor from a fatal car crash?

I for one hope this happens and the network execs realise how much this would mean to the fans of the series and the genre. Leave your thoughts, although unlikely, would you like to see a Smallville/Flash or Arrow crossover? Who knows, maybe someone with pull will see this and pitch the idea.


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