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Every Dragon Ball fan following super. Has wondered at-least for once what the F is wrong with Gohan. He was like the best guy in Cell saga. Momentarily crossed Goku even in popularity; then he started degrading. He did go mystic in Buu saga. But, he was never the Gohan we loved.

And In super when the fans were like yeah! We are going to get our Gohan back. They decided to degrade Gohan even more. Not only power wise. But, also they destroyed his physique. Looks like a character from some other anime. I mean come on even if a guy that was once that muscular doesn’t train. He still won’t look that lame.

But, the question is why?

Why would they willingly destroy the character everyone wants? Here’s what I think. I don’t think super is destroying Gohan. I in-fact see them building Gohan up once again. Yes, Dragon Ball has their style of bringing a character back on action. And I am pretty sure about that.

If we observes, Gohan got a lot of attention with the fight against Gold Frieza. The fact that he lost his power was highlighted. If the plan was to do nothing with Gohan; he would just stand there having nothing to do. But, it appears so that Super indeed has some plans. For which, they made Gohan look like a bitch. And ultimately Picollo sacrificed his life for him. Which was a bit pointless and didn’t have too much impact on fans?

Then again, this scene proves DBS is storing something for Gohan. If you read the latest chapter 7 of Dragon Ball Super manga; almost all the fighters went to see the universe 6 vs universe 7 tournaments except Gohan. Most fans are pissed off at this and thinks has Gohan become so lame that he won’t even be there as a spectator? Damn it! Gohan you are an adult now. Who is married and will soon have a baby. You don’t need to listen to Chi chi’s shit anymore.

But, think for a while. We already knew Gohan was not in the tournament. So, what could be the next best thing he could get to do? Being an audience remain close to the fight? Hoping that something goes out of control and he gets to fight?

Nope, this is not world martial arts tournament. This is a tournament organized by the Gods of destruction. Shits don’t go out of control here brothers. Now, then what better could Gohan do at earth? Attending conferences doesn’t’ seem like much of a fight does it?

Well, well, well, which planet gets attacked most in the Dragon Ball Universe?

It’s the earth. In-fact, the main purpose and main motivation of Dragon Ball fighters is to save the earth.

Now, which major fighter is currently at earth alone?

Gohan! Is it? So, if a new badass villain comes and attacks earth Gohan might have to hold him till others return. And that could cause him to transform back to being what he was. Or suppose universe 7 lose the tournament and earth gets interchanged. And now he hast to hold evils back till others find a way to get earth back at U7 or they reach U6. It’s just some possibilities I am trying to point out.

Even if this doesn’t happen, I bet one way or the other. Gohan is coming back. Mark my words.

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