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First I would like to say happy new year! So last year I started watching The Bourne films. I mean all 3 of them were fantastic! (I have not seen the 4th one yet. No spoilers!) But has anyone heard about a new Bourne movie is being released this year? According to Matt Damon the movie is halfway there to being completed! For those who don't know who Matt's character is James Bourne who's trying to remember who was, after being shot 3 in the back, hits his head on the side of the boat and falls off the boat. He is then later discovered by fishermen. He remembers everything except his identity. This the first film: The Bourne Identity.

The next film is The Bourne Supremacy: Two years ago, Jason Bourne thought he had walked away from his past. But now the past catches up to Jason Bourne when the CIA threatens to ruin his new life. Bourne and Marie have maintained their anonymous, underground existence at the cost of permanence. Fueled by splintered nightmares and haunted by the past he cannot remember, Bourne moves Marie from city to city, trying to remain one step ahead of the threat implicit in every unexplained stranger's glance, every "wrong number" phone call--that at any second, without any warning, he might get pulled back into the world he hopes he left behind.- Anthony Pereyra {[email protected]}

After supremacy is ultimatum:

After being recovered from the sea, and after losing the one he loves, Jason Bourne is one more step closer to finding out how David Webb became Jason Bourne. Whilst Pamela Landy has decided to leave Bourne alone, CIA Deputy Director Noah Vosen has other plans. He believes that Bourne is still dangerous and must be eliminated, before he finds out his true identity and takes the CIA down with him.

- Film_Fan

The 4th one is called Bourne Legacy. Plot of the story is:

The events in this movie take place around the same time as the events in The Bourne Ultimatum (2007). When a British reporter was writing an expose about Black Ops operations Treadstone and Black Briar, and the ones responsible for them are concerned. And when Jason Bourne, former Treadstone operative got the file on Treadstone and Black Briar and gave it to Pamela Landy who then passed it to the media. When the men behind Treadstone and Black Briar learn of this, they're concerned how this will affect other ops they have. They decide it's best to shut down all ops and make sure make everyone involved disappears. They try to take out Aaron Cross who is part of another op called Outcome, but he manages to survive. He then seeks out Dr. Marta Shearing who worked on him when he began. It seems part of the program is for all subjects to take medications but he has run out, which is why he seeks her. But someone tries to kill her. He saves her and she tells him, he should have stopped taking the medications long ago. They go to Manila so that she can help him. Later the men behind Outcome learn that Cross and Shearing are still alive. They try to get them.
- [email protected]

So what do you think this next movie the best or do you think it will disappoint. The new untitled Bourne movie will be released on 28/29 of July 2016. Maybe you would like to leave a comment on which one is your favourite and maybe why?

Little information on Jason Bourne:

Jason Bourne has a tormented past, which continues to influence him throughout his lifetime. Jason Bourne is but one of many aliases used by David Webb. Webb is a career foreign service officer and a specialist in Far Eastern affairs. Before the events in The Bourne Identity, Webb had a Thai wife named Dao and two children named Joshua and Alyssa in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Webb's wife and two children were inadvertently killed during the Vietnam War when a fighter plane strayed into Cambodia, dropped two bombs and strafed a spot near the Mekong River. However, unknown to Bourne, Joshua survived.[4] Due to Cambodia's neutrality in the war, every nation disclaimed the plane, and, therefore, no one took responsibility for the incident. Having nothing left to live for, Webb went to Saigon and, under the careful guidance of Alex Conklin, ended up training for an elite Top Secret Special Forces unit called Medusa. Within that select organization Webb was known only by his code name, Delta One.


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