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As a fan, I absolutely love to speculate how Kevin Feige (Head Honcho at Marvel Studios) will broker deals and fit newly acquired characters into his massive universe. (I did not mean for that to sound that dirty!) I saw Fan4tasic, (whatever they were trying to spell) and I thought it started off not bad, but then all of a sudden a year has passed and it was horrible. Most people think that Marvel Studios does not need Marvel's first family or mutants (they're not wrong), but if their dysfunctional family were to become whole again, oh the stories they could tell.

Last night I read all the rumors surrounding BatmanVSuperman, and my excitement level is piqued, on the verge of exploding. (Ughh, I must tame these innuendos) If what I read was true, then the DCEU did everything I was hoping that would happen, and they do not share the same handicap as Marvel, by owning all of their characters. Do not get me wrong, DC would have to travel at the pace of a light-year to catch up, (If DC can live up to the hype, then the battle has begun) and movies will only become better. This article that maybe two people will read (thank you so much, you both make this worth while!) will dive into some off-topic thoughts (maybe) and where we could find Fox's Marvel properties (Start playing Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me) and how to intertwined them into the fold of the Avengers or not.

Comic book movies should be fun
Comic book movies should be fun

Other than the Dawn of Justice test screening, James Gunn (Director of Guardians of the Galaxy) saw Captain America:Civil War, and commented on how awesome Spidey was in the movie. You cannot tell how truthful this statement is due to obvious bias, but I am going to believe him. The reason why I am so hopeful a deal can be made is because Fox and Marvel recently struck one with the X-Men television rights. No announcements on the implications of what the quid pro quo for Marvel is yet, but I highly doubt money was the main factor. My ADHD kicks in sometimes, and you have my apologies.

Do we really want Fantastic Four in MCU, or the better question do we even care? Obviously we want their properties and super cool surfer dude, but does anyone want that fantastic thing swinging around (low-brow humor, I am done)? When Fox premiered the new movie in August, I was truly surprised that in no way they connected it to the X-Men. That lack of foresight (besides all the rumors of off-screen bickering) should of told the world that this movie was going down the path of the devil(dare). This truly upsets me, how will they introduce the Silver Surfer in a manner that makes any sense whatsoever (In the now cancelled Fantastic 2)? They're practically rebooting the X-Men series after Apocalypse (Come on people you know they are, a new Wolverine=Reboot, and hope it is X-23 played by Kristen Stewart. How awesome would it be to introduce Daken in the fold also, I'll shut up, and it be a whole family brawl, Wolvie mentoring X-23, while Daken is pissed and taking over L.A, ending in a brawl call it "Antamanium in the Family") and the Fantastic Four movie took place in present day.

The point I am trying to make is, we deserve the Silver Surfer in cinemas. Dan Slott, the writer of the current of the series at Marvel is doing an amazing job with the character. His backstory has barely been explored, and he is one of the few powerful heroes that Thanos does make look like a complete chump. Also, just imagine watching GOTG 3, and seeing Silver Surfer pop up(mind blown). Yet Fox owns his rights, and we as fans have no clue when we will be treated to his presence once more. Also Annihilus, would be an amazing villain to see on the siliver screen. I must mention in 2013, Kevin Feige tried to give Fox Daredevil back for exchange Galactus and the Surfer. Anyone who has seen the show, could make an argument that the situation worked out for the better. One would still make the argument, make a deal with Marvel Studios, because home is where the heart is!(I think that makes sense?)

He could be with Cap,Iron,Spidey, Come on Fox!
He could be with Cap,Iron,Spidey, Come on Fox!

On the subject of superhero movies, I cannot believe that Reddit user ViolatingNDA, spoiled the movie, (of course I read it) and I still cannot wait to see the movie (Plus I heard that Warner Brothers is selling his/her organs on the Dark Web, so if you need a new liver after New Year's day)! Lastly, there is no marketing campaign to savage the Fantastic Four, they should of played nicer with Marvel so Dr.Strange could do a charm to make the movie watchable. I mostly enjoyed reading the Ultimate Fantastic Four and when they fought Annihilus would of been a spectacle of destruction that actually made sense. Why, oh why couldn't Fox made that movie, instead of another Dr.Doom? You may ask why I am now just writing this article (I didn't start blogging until December 3, 2015 I am a late bloomer)? The answer to my question is, I just read one of Dan Slott's Silver Surfer Vol.1 New Dawn. Then I realize that the chances of seeing this character in the future is so very, very slim.

Deadpool is release on February 12, 2016 in theaters and X-Men: Apocalypse comes to theaters May 27,2016. Thank you for reading and feel free to disagree!


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