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Daniel Craig's fourth foray as 007 packs a punch- but a lazy one.

If someone told me months ago that SPECTRE wasn't gonna be as good as Skyfall, I would've punched them. Now it would seem a great time to apologise. Yes, SPECTRE fell short of it's predecessor.

We start with a tracking shot of Bond walking, kissing, shooting, fighting all while giving us an epic opening sequence in Mexico City . The real problem arises when the Bond Theme plays and the credits dominate the screen. Really, an Octopus? And if the credits are not amusing enough, the song itself is like Sam Smith trying to tear his vocal chords by trying to sing a Bond Theme.

Then we move on not to have any sort of action for the next 30 minutes where all Bond does is sit, walk, talk, drive, kiss (Monica Bellucci is too old to be a Bond girl) and when finally the villain (Christoph Waltz) is introduced, all we get is boring car chase through the streets of Rome ending in one of the cars being thrown into the river. Then again Bond walks, talks and travels extensively only to meet the real Bond Girl (Lea Seydoux) who is all bland and underused for the entire length of the movie.

A plane scene in the snow is fun to watch, and a henchman who reminds us of Jaws, Hinx (Dave Bautista) offers us an epic fight scene inside a moving train. (Deja Vu, Anyone?). Then Bond goes to a desert with his girl, and gets his balls tortured again. (No, just kidding, this time around they went family-friendly by drilling his neck). Then we have a rather lazy final showdown which ends as soon as it begins. The credits roll and there you have it- a Bond movie.(Yay?)

Oh yeah, Naomie Harris (Moneypenny), Ben Whishaw (Q) Andrew Scott (C) and Ralph Fiennes (M) are also in the movie in case you missed them. But when the credits roll, the ultimate question arises- "Where did Sam Mendes go wrong?". Apparently, at a lot of places. First of all, the pacing is blotchy and messed up. Even the movie doesn't know whether it's a fast-paced action film or a slow-moving thriller. Not to mention, the chemistry between the Bond girl and Craig is non-existent. And the villian never feels like a real threat to anyone in the entire film. Waltz is a great actor who is far from a sinister and menacing presence in the movie. The henchman Hinx, who actually felt like the real villain is killed too soon. It would have been awesome to see him beat Craig to a pulp during the climax. And why the heck are we still discussing the relevance of spies in the modern world?

All said and done, SPECTRE is an enjoyable Bond film. Definitely in my top ten (on the 10th spot, Casino Royale's at 1). SPECTRE only works when you really want to enjoy it. It might be a far cry from perfect but who the hell cares- it's a Bond movie and Daniel Craig is in it...


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