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Kevin VanCor

Reading many theories and hearing various opinions on Rey's Character in Star Wars 7 is exciting seeing the recharged fan base. As most loyal fans who've been ridiculed over the years for being a "nerd" for voicing my love for Star Wars saga. I was very skeptical about the launch of additional movies without George Lucas' lead. After seeing the movie (multiple times) I am ecstatic we have more to come and experience.

The debates, opinions and suggestions of Rey's Character have stretched from her being conceived by the force like Anikan to her being a Kenobi or Skywalker. I believe the answer is much simpler than that and what most have thought from the beginning... Rey is a Solo. Looking back at various scenes in the movie especially her flashbacks when touching the light saber reveal a few subtle hints.

1) The ship flying away in her vision looks like the same barge Solo and chewie were on when they located Rey in the Falcon.

2) She was left with Unkar Plutt on Jukkar and she believed someone was coming back for her. This was obviously fed to her by Plutt and would explain why he kept changing the amount of her portions for parts... to keep her there.

3) The discussion of who stole the Falcon from who. Plutt stole it from who stole it from Solo. Han stated "well you can tell Plutt Han Solo stole the Millennium Falcon back for good". This does not sound like bad blood but more of banter like with Lando Calrissian. Jukkar is in the North Quadrant on the outer realm as Maz stated where Fin could dissappear.

It's very doubtful she is Luke's daughter. Luke is a Jedi who are not to have relationships or keep anyone close. This would also be supported since his father was seduced by the Dark side, married Padmae and Luke fought to bring him back to the light.

It is also doubtful she would be a Kenobi with the extent of her power. Obi Wan was trained in the force not born in it. Just because he was a Jedi Master does not mean anyone else in his family could use the force.

This brings me back to my original statement that Rey is a Solo. As Luke said "The Force is strong in my family". "My father has it, I have it and my sister has it". The level of medichlorins in the Skywalker family is high since Anikan was conceived by the force. Rey has not been corrupted or influenced by evil her strength is pure.


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