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Lucas vs. Abrams...who'd had the better story...the better film? Will we ever know or do we have enough information from past films to make a reasonable assumption.

I'm under no illusions that the new Star Wars movies will ever match the originals. Abrams and Disney clearly took the easy and safe path peppering a new tale with heavy dosage of the familiar. Yet judging from its success and that of Jurassic World its money in the bank and that's all the movie studios care about. Meanwhile Abrams is just glad fans weren't foaming at the mouth over his sequel.

Lucas' prequels didn't come close to the original trillogy but it did produce a viable expansion of the SW universe. However the prequels were heavily flawed, in part, by the fact that Lucas surrounded himself with yes men. The original films, Lucas was more a partner than authoritarian grand creator. He needed the likes of Ralph McQuarie and John Dykstra to bring his story to life. He would spend the 15 years between the trilogies building up ILM so he would not be overly reliant on talent. By the time of Indy 4, even Spielberg seem to be reduced to taking orders from George and forced to accept a silly script just to make another Indy movie.

The prequels, for me did not shake my trust in Lucas as a good filmmaker. It was Indy 4 that I gave up on Lucas. I thought in the TPM he was rusty, in AOTC his direction got better but editing and the co-authored screenplay was worse. However ROTS was pretty good and thought that it was the movie he intended to make all along but he pigeonholed himself into those episode numbers so he had to stretch the story out over 3 films.

Lucas has a vision but vision ahead can sometimes steer you off a cliff if you're not watching the ground under your feet. Maybe Lucas had a great story and maybe with Abram's and Lawrence Kadsan's help it would have turned out great but then judging how the collaboration between Spielberg and Lucas worked out on Indy 4...probably not.

I feel for Lucas. Its hard for any creative mind to give up control over their brain child and certainly no fanboy has the right to demand he or she do so. Yet for all the misery his "divorce" cause Lucas should remember the 4 billion dollars Disney paid for that prized franchise. What he should do is to totally remove himself from that galaxy far, far away and take on the personality of a certain wealthy Disney duck and have a swim in all his money.


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