ByElizabeth Pleizier, writer at

Okay, so when I watched the trailer for this movie I was full on intrigued. It honestly looked really cool. I loved "The Fault In Our Stars" And since this movie was from the same author, I was really excited. The beginning of the movie was okay. It started off like any Teen drama movie would, the guy likes the girl who he can't get. Then she ran away to the "Paper Towns" Now this is where I was expecting things to get interesting. He found clues and more. When she ran away and he began looking for her, It was pretty cool. Then it became very repetitive, most of the movie was this kid looking for clues to find someone he "loves" And believes likes him back. When they finally went on this road trip and got to the destination, she wasn't there. So he basically looked around for her, expecting her to just pop up somewhere, but that didn't happen. His friends finally wanted to go back home for the dance. They ended up leaving him there because he refused to leave. After, he finally found her. The girl he was looking for. But no. This is the part that frustrates me the most. The poor guy went thru all this work to find her, but she wasn't even expecting to see him and she didn't really care to either. The movie had a great concept, I just don't think they put it in a good way. They could have represented it better.


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