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Before I present my MP Quick-fire Challenge I would like to give huge thank you to everyone that made 2015 one of the most exciting and memorable years of my life to date. To the Moviepilot Creators, staff and everyone in the larger film community - you all are amazing and I thank you sincerely for all the great memories!

Now that the sappy stuff is out of the way, here are what I thought were some of the great moments from the past year. If you'd like to share yours as well, answer these questions and share it in our MP Creators group.

MP Creators Quick-fire Challenge

1. Best trailer of 2015: Share a trailer released in 2015 that made the most impact on you, got you pumped for a movie and made you count down the days until the movie's release.

2. Your Favorite Movie Moment of 2015: Whether it's an incredible stunt, a great joke or heartbreaking dialogue - which movie moment was your favorite of the year?

3. Your Favorite Character of 2015: Choose a character (preferably one that is new to the big screen) that you loved this year, and tell us why!

4. Entertainment Person of the year: In the world of entertainment, who is your 'Person of the Year' for 2015?

5. What Was Your Favorite Article (Created By You) in 2015?: This doesn't have to be the post with the highest reads. Instead, choose the one you are most proud of and share your reasons why!

BONUS Question: What are you most excited for in 2016? I'm really looking forward to all of your responses and hope you have fun creating them!

Here is what I thought...

1. The Best Trailer of 2015

Being the huge horror fan that I am, when the trailer for Goodnight Mommy (Ich Sehe Ich Sehe) surfaced on the internet I went into an absolute frenzy. I had never heard anything about this film before but suddenly wanted to know everything that I possibly could about it. I've since now seen the film two times and I can honestly say, it is also my single favorite film of 2015. If you've not yet seen it, the movie is not just as good as the trailer but BETTER. Check it out.

2. My Favorite Movie Moment

My favorite film moment of 2015 comes from Victoria, a German film directed by Sebastian Schipper. The 140 minute production is filmed ENTIRELY in one single shot and takes place in Berlin, Germany, which as I'm sure some of you know is the city that I currently call home. The story follows Victoria (played byLaia Costa), a Spanish girl new to the city on a night out that takes a sudden deadly turn. The film is full of intense moments, but there is one scene where Victoria is in the café where she works, playing a song on the piano for one of her new friends. The dynamic between the two actors along with the camera work in this scene simply beautiful. The song she plays is also not only alluring, but powerful in its meaning within the context of the story. Later in the scene Victoria's friend tries to warn her that danger is coming, and in that exact moment the café shakes due to the train passing over the building. I find it simply incredible that they timed the film so that the conversation in this scene would coincide with that real moment in time, intensify the moment when it was intended to be.

3. My Favorite Character

My favorite on-screen character from the last year is without a doubt Charlize Theron's portrayal of Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road. If you've seen the film, I don't think I need to explain this choice any further.

4. Entertainment Person of the year

Say what you want about this guy right here, but when it comes to the entertainment person of the year Shia Labeouf was just that - ENTERTAINING! I've been a fan of his ever since the days of Even Stevens, and even though I may not agree with every life decision that he makes I think that Shia is an incredibly talented actor and a genuinely good person underneath all of his flaws. In 2015 Mr. Labeouf nearly broke the internet on numerous occasions with his various exploits, resulting in some of the most memorable GIFs, memes and viral moments of the year. Well done lad, well done.

5. The Article That I'm Most Proud Of

The article that I am most proud of from this past year is a short post I made about the short film Cabrito, directed by Luciano de Azevedo. Even though Luciano had already written his own pieces about Cabrito, I decided to put this one together on his birthday for him simply because I loved the film and enjoyed working with him so much. I am proud of this piece not necessarily because of the views and engagements it garnered, but because of what it represents to me. In 2015 we, the Community Team, spent a great deal of time reaching out to talented, potential Creators in all corners of the creative community. Since I love horror and short films, I spent a lot of time and energy every week searching for and working with independent film-makers that could benefit from what we offer here at Moviepilot. Because of these efforts I made many great contacts, been able to watch hundreds of amazing films and learn a lot about film-making, indie culture and the film industry in general. I think I speak for everyone in the Community Team and at Moviepilot when I say we take great pleasure in helping people achieve their dreams and hone their creative abilities. That being said, thank you to all of the Creators for making Moviepilot what it is. 2014 was practice, 2015 was the warmup, 2016 is game-time!!

BONUS Question: What Movie Are You Most Excited For In 2016?

There are so many great films set to come out this year and I greatly look forward to enjoying all of them. One of the titles that is highest on my list, however, is The Witch. Even though the film premiered this past year at several festivals, we won't see a wide release until February, 26 2016. Mark your calendars, horror fans, this one is going to be sick!

I wish all of you successful and happy new year, now let's make it another great one!


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