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I coach actors in 'Method for Film'/ex-casting director and improv comedian

...and loves it. Well, Quentin has done it again. Just when I think I'm out...he pulls me back in! What a great ride this movie was. It started out slow - like you're on a roller coaster, but you're headed up the rails and its taking forever. You find out who everybody is, with long conversations on a stagecoach. The interior stagecoach scenes feel like you're riding along inside a limo. It's not cold in there, it's quiet enough to hear low conversations, and there's plenty of room for four people to spread out. I've worked on a lot of westerns, the real stagecoaches are tiny, noisy, and rickety as all get-out. But that aside, it was a great introduction to the players and their characters.

Right off the bat I got the feeling that Kurt Russell was doing a great homage to John Wayne. It's subtle but, at times, obvious. This movie is an homage to all the old westerns, but then you know that already. Just sit back and enjoy. He may have gotten a little carried away with the savage and bloody homage to Sam Peckinpah, but then, that's Tarantino. You have to know that it's coming.

Samuel L. Jackson's character starts to figure things out, and then you know the roller coaster cart you're in has reached the crest of the climb, and you are going to go screaming down the rails...only to make another climb up to another crest that happens faster than the one before...and then down again... Oh, Quentin, you're a very bad boy. You write like nobody's business, and you create characters that fly off the screen. I loved it. But then, I'm a Texas woman, and we do love the bad boys.

I would like to add that I just loved the wardrobe in this movie. On IMDB it says that Courtney Hoffman was the Personal Costumer for Christoph Waltz in Django Unchained. Now She's the costume designer for this movie. Stuff like that always makes me think that a major talent was discovered in a somewhat minor crew position. Maybe Sharen Davis, the designer on Django was too busy to do this movie. Really? Naw...that can't be it...too busy to do the next Quentin Tarantino movie...naw... Wonder what the back story on this is.


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