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May be a waste of a post but I need to get my two cents of my mind. Here goes...

Best - Star Wars movie yet

Best - Disney movie yet

Best - 4D movie yet

Anyone who puts The Force Awakens behind any other Star Wars movie , making it second or third best, is out of their mind.

Best pace, no wasted time talking, straight action and excitement that never stops throughout the entire movie.

4D the action was intense, every laser shot bursts you in the eyes making you flinch as if your dodging the lasers too.

Disney definitely took it to heart when people were doubting their ability to make a good, exciting, action packed Star Wars movie and they made the bloodiest, most action packed, thrilling one to date.

Go see it!

Even if you haven't seen the rest it is worth it to make The Force Awakens your starting point and then go watch the past movies to get caught up with the entire backstory making them all your own type of prequels.


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