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We are near to Season 6 with new teasers and trailers from Game of Thrones, we ask ourselves how long has it been almost a year has past, and we haven't seen out beloved characters in awhile now

While there is a lot going on and a lot of questions need to be answered like is Jon Snow alive or not!?

Let's refresh our memories and see how our favorite characters looked like in the First Season and how much have they changed since then?

Peter Dinklage - Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion is one of our favorite characters everyone saw him as a drunk imp, but he turned out to be a leader and one of the smartest men in Westeros and now helping to gain the throne our beloved Mother of Dragons.

You're in the game now and the great game is terrifying... (Quote by Tyrion himself)

Lena Headey - Cersei Lannister

Queen masterminds now that she learned about her daughter what do you think will happen? Well, I suppose only one thing from this genius evil War!

Emilia Clarke - Daenerys Targaryen

Princess of House Targaryen, Khaleesi and Mother of Dragons is she ready to take Westeros?

Kit Harington - Jon Snow

We still don't know it yet and we hope that he is alive, but if he isn't who will protect the wall? Westeros is in danger...

Sophie Turner - Sansa Stark

Sansa changed a lot from a spoiled little girl she became a fighter and always a proud Stark she would be a great leader or perhaps a Queen at the end we even might say she deserves it!

Iain Glen - Jorah Mormont

Tried so much for his Love gave up everything for her and now she is lost will he find her before the end ?

Maisie Williams - Arya Stark

Arya now will have many faces will she use this "ability" to avenge her family? I hope she finds Sansa and sees that she is alive and learns about her brothers or since she is at Essos maybe she will find Daenerys and help her become Queen?

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Jaime Lannister

Jamie has changed a lot through seasons well he started all this and suffered a lot too, he convinced us that there is still goodness in peoples hearts by transforming from one of our hated characters into one of our favorites

John Bradley - Samwell Tarly

An Interviewer asked John why is it that Samwell Tarly runs across the whole place and still is so fat!

Well, he didn't change much on the appearance, but he changed a lot as a character from being a coward to a brave fighter.

Alfie Allen - Theon Greyjoy

I didn't like Theon that much at the beginning and also when he turned against the one's who practically raised him, but I feel sad for him, he suffered a lot got tortured for almost nothing and even his father rejected him that just heartbreaking I hope he and Sansa find a way to defeat the Boltons and take what its theirs

Aidan Gillen - Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish

Littelfinger he just amazes me how much can a man manipulate someone he will probably play a big role in who gets the throne and I believe that he is ready to take it!

Jerome Flynn - Bronn

Bronn the Loyal Bronn he always remained loyal to his friends I hope he finds what he is searching!

Conleth Hill - Lord Varys

How much did this sneaky character change? Well truly not much, maybe got a little skinnier but he always seemed to do what's best for the kingdom lets hope he is a man of his word

Gwendoline Christie - Brienne of Tarth

Brienne well what can I say about this character I honestly didn't like her at the beginning she looked annoying, but she turned out to be a great fighter and someone who keeps a promise made I hope she finds Sansa and helps her reclaim what she lost

Julian Glover - Grand Maester Pycelle

This sneaky old bastard didn't change at all he looks exactly as he looked at season one, not much to talk about this man who doesn't see who's right and who's wrong

Isaac Hempstead Wright - Bran Stark

Well, he changed a lot lets just hope he has a plan on how to defeat the white walkers or the Westeros is doomed!

Nathalie Emmanuel - Missandei

From a slave to a leader helping Daenerys become queen and seeing what's right and taking that path a true lady indeed!

Daniel Portman - Podrick Payne

The Magnificent Podrick from what we saw in the beginning a common servant to evolve to a warrior, he is true and fighting for a good cause.

Liam Cunningham - Davos Seaworth

Davos I'm intrigued by this character who knows what's best and what's right, but yet not knowing what he will do next I hope to see more from Davos

Natalie Dormer - Margaery Tyrell

Whatever happened to her will, she get out of that cell if so, will she start a war with Cersei?

Kristian Nairn - Hodor

Hodor always there to help and never giving up I'm hoping to see more of this character in battle or against a white walker...

Carice van Houten - Melisandre

She saw the winning on the light, but it was a lie will she still be a believer will she as some say bring Jon Snow from the dead? Melisandre changed a lot as a character and now in a hard position now knowing what to believe

Finn Jones - Loras Tyrell

Loras Tyrell well he truly changed, in the introduction of his character he looked like a mere little boy, but now he looks like a furious knight, let's just hope he will save his sister and punish the one's who did it...

Ben Crompton - Eddison Tollett

Tollett didn't change much he saw what was right and did what he had to do.

Hannah Murray - Gilly

Gilly, she finally went free from the hand's of her father/husband to only discover that the world is going to end from the white walkers, its such an irony but at the end she found what she wanted "love"

Iwan Rheon - Ramsay Snow/Bolton

Nothing more to say for this crazy psychopath than I hope he dies. But if Jon is alive, I would like to see him and Ramsay have a duel it would be a truly epic battle the hero and the crazy kind of like Batman and Joker.

Natalia Tena - Osha

The wildling who just got so attached to the stark boys she couldn't see them get hurt and helped them with what she could truly a big evolve to this character not just in appearance but in her actions too

Eugene Simon - Lancel Lannister

He is one of the characters who I never like he killed the king and he kind of started all these war's...

Dean-Charles Chapman - Tommen Baratheon

King Tommen he changed a lot from a little kid to a grown King, but yet lacks some virtues that incomplete him as a King

Art Parkinson - Rickon Stark

Rickon Stark he changed big time since the first season a playful boy that now runs and tries to reclaim what it is his birthright North!

I hope you enjoyed my article, please comment what you thought of these character's transformations!


Are you ready for season 6 ?


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